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Do want to learn about Amazon merchant business options? Several financing options are available in the market and these financiers can lend for running capital requirements to grow the business. If you don’t have a customer base or new to Amazon, then you are in need of funds as well as details about to get started.

It is quick and easy to start as a vendor with Amazon, but understanding customer and growing requires smart and hard work. Understand details before you apply for a business loan.

Challenges faced by an Amazon vendor

Starting business needs funding, banks or financial institutions offer the same. But that might seem to be a hard task. The online platform is growing day by day and banks need proof of a clear track record in order to lend loans.

There are non-institutional vendors who are ready to give business loan for Amazon vendors. The process might be troublesome first in case you lack the adequate amount of money in the first instance.

Amazon seller business loan

Since 2012 the online selling platform Amazon started giving out a business loan and this plan was extended to Japan and United States of America. From this year, Amazon has planned of giving out loans to Indian small scale vendors. It has linked with 6 lenders including banks in India for providing loans.

  • Get instant loans

  • The loan amount varies between INR 2  lakhs to INR 2 crore

  • The interest rates are competitive

FlexiLoans offering Amazon seller business loan

We are working towards providing loans to MSME sectors in the Amazon marketplace. We provide loans to SME with the help of UPI’s. Our service has turned out to be a major contribution to the field of providing loans.

Apart from MSME, we have extended our projects to Amazon vendors as well in recent years. Some of the highlights are:

  • There is a dashboard for Amazon vendor that helps to maintain information about loans

  • The aim is to reach 1,00,000 customers this year

  • Our completed years of service is 3 years

The API product has been launched recently in India Fintech Awards, 2018 and people like it.

Need for an Amazon seller business loan

  • Development of products

When you have more money by your side, you can purchase many products within the time specified. Anything like color fabrication or a new brand, when you have more cash, it becomes easier.

  • Maintaining inventory

In order to maintain a rank as an Amazon vendor, the first approach is having a wide/large range of products to attract customers. The inventory should have all types of products and categories. Our loans can help you to purchase several products for better customer satisfaction.

  • Marketing process

In order to find your target clients, the marketing approach should be unique and smart. Amazon is a huge platform with around 300 million customers.

  • Consolidation of debt

You have to maintain your existing debt so that your financial aids are all on point. With your entire debts in place, you have chances for a greater profit margin.

  • Improvement in cash flow

There are miscellaneous expenses in running a business on a daily basis. When you have a flow of money, then you can monitor all your expenses and this improves the cash flow of your business. From rent to wages, everything can be sorted.

Eligibility criteria

  • The monthly turnover is Rs. 2 lakhs

  • The operational vintage is 1 year

  • The payout vintage is 6 months

  • The vendor should have a history of being an Amazon vendor for at least 6 months.

How to sell using the Amazon platform

Become an Amazon merchant first and after 6 months; get the privilege of applying for a business loan from us. Follow these simple steps:

  • Create a profile at Amazon as a merchant and update all the products and descriptions. Sign up and grow as an Amazon merchant.

  • Listing of products: You can list the products which are already present on the Amazon site or you can try out new products to be listed there.

  • Maintaining inventory: The inventory level should be maintained according to records. This will help to compete with others.

  • Shipping orders: You can always decide between self shipping and using an Amazon shipment method to ship your goods.

  • Earnings: The fees which Amazon demands are deducted from the profit and the rest of the profit is shared with you.

Documents required for availing an Amazon seller business loan

  • Maintain ITR returns of last 2 financial years and audited balance sheet and P/L account

  • Financial statements of the business

  • Repayment of debts

  • Financial statement of the person who is applying

  • KYC verified documents
    • PAN card of the individual or the company

    • Proof of identity like Adhar card, Voter’s license, Driver’s license, etc.

    • Residential address proof like Voter’s card, Passport, Driver’s license, etc.

  • Bank statement of last 6 months

Terms and features of FlexiLoans

  • The credit limit is up to Rs. 1 crore

  • The tenure of repayment is 36 months

  • The interest rate is 1% monthly

  • The entire process is paperless and after uploading of the documents, the process takes only 48 hours. You will get your loan within that time.

  • 100% the loans are unsecured without any kind of security needed to be given

  • There are no hidden charges which make it best to take loans from us.

Tips to become a successful vendor in Amazon

    • Do proper research: Before starting your selling business on Amazon, you should be completely aware of the market and how it works. When you know its pricing and how it works, you can have a healthy competition with your competitors.

    • Sales and promotion: Discounts can help you to skyrocket your sales and promotion makes your products to be sold fast. Extra revenues are always welcome when you are doing business.

    • Building a brand: There are millions of vendors listed on Amazon. Learn unique ways and stay different from others to build a better brand for yourself.

    • Reviews are welcomed: Reviews are really essential if you want to expand your business. With reviews, you get to know where you might go wrong and protect yourself from making mistakes.

    • Reviewing your metrics: Always plan a strategy while working out your plans for the business. Prepare sales chart and product reviews. This will help to enhance the numbers in the near future.

    • Marketing of your page: Advertising plays a major role when it comes to selling your stuff. This way you can attract the attention of customers. Reach people through social media, forums, and ads that help grow your business.

  • Fulfillment option provided by Amazon: The tool FBA acts as a springboard in the business of Amazon. It saves so much time while purchasing any product. This is an investment for you promising returns on the long run.

Contact us today if you have 6 months experience as a vendor at Amazon and we arrange for your business loan. To become an Amazon seller go to Amazon Seller Login Portal.