How Mobile Marketing Can Help SME’s Grow

Mobile Marketing for SME's

The marketing industry or the small and medium enterprises business isn’t the same as it used to be before. There is a common link between marketing and SME’s and that is how they both have evolved for the better good. Taking this evolution into consideration, the combination can result in an extraordinary growth in businesses.


Today’s marketing initiative goes far beyond the mainstream print ad, newspaper ad, and hoarding. Much of the evolution in the marketing world can be credited to the rise of mobile phones in this era. If you feel your business has some great products, but a stall in the sales might indicate something wrong with the marketing. With a few tips and tricks, you can solve this problem and use mobile marketing to your advantage and kick-start your business.


People spend 59% of their time on their mobile phones according to a research by app geeks, yet somehow businesses spend 15% of their budget on mobile marketing and 85% on desktop marketing. This gap is where the main problem arises. Businesses need to start concentrating on mobile marketing along with desktop marketing.


Listed below are a few tips to improve your mobile marketing game for your business:


  • Text Marketing

While this may seem like an old form or a form of spamming the end user, text marketing can actually go a long way. The professional side of texting is something to embrace and grow with. Create opt-in campaigns that allow customers to sign up and receive alerts and rewards for joining the campaign. The platform is a great way to encourage customers to take specific action in exchange for a reward, such as a discount on a purchase. There is a greater chance that people will open their texts than reading emails, and texts are opened more rapidly than emails, too.


  • Have a mobile friendly website

Having a mobile friendly website in today’s world is more of a need than a want. If someone recommends your products to a friend they usually send it via a text/WhatsApp/Facebook messenger options. Most of these are used through their mobile phones, opting them to open the link or search for the product through their mobile phones.


  • Localize your content

Make your content user friendly and based on the region/area you are catering to. Focusing on what makes an area special is a big part of local marketing. The content needs to be marketed in such a way that your audience can connect to it and localizing your content is one of the ways to go about it.


  • Offer Deals and Loyalty Points

Offering deals is a just a way to attract customers and making them feel they’re paying less for more. Apart from that loyalty points and membership cards go a long way. Sending offer codes via SMS or push notifications helps bring back existing customers too. With SMS coupons, customers are less likely to lose it and more likely to use it.


  • Enable Mobile Payments

Online shopping has grown considerably, but the growth of mobile shopping has surpassed the growth of online shopping in terms. It is essential to have a mobile payment gateway which is secure and stable.


  • Be active on Social Media

With Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter the social media world is buzzing with posts but is always a great way to earn a good customer base. Share posts with which your audience can connect to, respond to comments by your audience and making meaningful conversations. Work to make sure your brand is where people see it and appreciate it; it doesn’t take much time out of your day.


You can also use advertisements through mobile marketing via various methods, a few of them are:


–  App Based Marketing

– Email Marketing

– In – game Marketing

– QR Code Marketing

– Location Based Services


Mobile is only going to get bigger in the coming years and the only way to stay ahead of this game is to keep up with the trend or starts a new trend. Every type of business needs to adjust to this new form of marketing be it into textile, accessories, service providers, IT companies as so on. Mobile devices are overtaking laptops and desktops in usage, you should start thinking about a mobile-first strategy. If you assume that most of your customers are using mobile, you can’t go wrong.


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