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Business equipment is an indispensable commodity for manufacturing units. To run or establish a manufacturing plant it is imperative for the enterprises to own the latest tools and equipments. Possessing the right machinery can help the business increase their overall productivity and profitability. Moreover, investing in upgrading and maintaining machinery can help you stay competitive by overtaking your competitors. Thus, machineries are a way to open new avenues for revenue. So, if your business operations are in a need of better machines and lack of business capital is holding you back then do not let it deter you from investing in them. FlexiLoans provide you the customized business loan for machinery purchase. Be it a machinery purchase or refurbishing, supporting your business is the sole endeavor that we share with you. 

Benefits of a Machinery Loan

Establishing and running a manufacturing unit is a challenging task. It requires a constant flow of cash to meet the ever-evolving demands of the market. Sometimes, these situations also lead to a deficit of capital making it difficult for manufacturers to upgrade or buy required equipment or machinery. 

Keeping this in mind, FlexiLoans provides the manufacturers with a well-designed machinery loan without security. These dedicated loans are an effective option for machine loan finance that helps businesses meet their ends.

The unsecured machinery loans can be used to meet the financing demands of following manufacturing business segments:

  1. Industrial Plants
  2. Metal equipments and machineries
  3. Machinery and supplies
  4. Plastic works and processing tools

The machinery loan can benefit the aforementioned manufacturing requirements in the following ways:

  • Enhanced Productivity

Availing a business loan for machinery can help the enterprises to get a hold on better machinery and equipment. Using the latest machinery firms can be benefitted with higher production within a short span. 

  • Fast Turnaround Time

Better equipments will allow the manufacturing units to enjoy better turnaround time. With technology at disposal, products can be manufactured well within the time limits enhancing the overall productivity.

  • Improved Quality

A business loan for machinery purchase will help the organizations in the production of better quality products. This significant improvement in quality will consequently lead to generating a strong customer base. 

  • Lower Defects

By having access to better equipment through machine loan finance can help the manufacturing units achieve finesse in production. Up-to-date machinery using the latest technology will help significantly in minimizing the chances of defects. 

Documents required for machine Loan Finance

Seeking to apply for an unsecured machinery loan requires you to produce following documents:

  1. Identity proof: For identity proof applicant needs to provide the PAN card as a personal KYC document.
  2. Address Proof: A legit proof of residence of the business or office must be provided. For this, any of the legal documents mentioned below can be produced:

 – Rent Agreement

 – Driving License

 – Voter ID

 – Ration Card

 – Passport

  1. Bank Statements: Last 6 months Bank statement for the current account in net banking PDF format should be produced.
  2. Proof of Business: For validating the proof of business existence KYC documents of the firm should be produced (anyone).

  -GST Registration Certificate

– Shops and Establishment Certificate       

Eligibility factors for Unsecured Machinery Loan

Applying for a business loan for machinery will require you to fulfill the following conditions. Meeting these will raise the chances of getting an approval on your loan application:

  • The applicant must be 21 years and above.
  • The monthly revenues of a business should be at least Rs. 2, 00,000.
  • The applicant’s experience in business should at least 12 months from the date of incorporation. 

Features of our Machinery Loan without Collateral

FlexiLoans leverages the power of digital technology to facilitate its customers the most hassle-free lending experience. From application to approval our procedure for machine loan finance is much simplified. 

The top features of our Machinery loan without security are:

  • Quick Disbursal

Our Unsecured Machinery Loans offer you complete peace of mind as you can avail the finances within 48 hours of application approval. 

  • No hidden Costs

Our machinery loan interest rate is highly competitive. We do not levy any hidden charges. About the processing fee and interest rate, you will be informed in prior. Additionally, our EMI calculator will help you to check the installments for monthly repayments. 

  • Flexible Repayment Options

We provide our borrowers with the ease of flexible repayment. We neither force them to pay too early nor extend the tenure unnecessarily. Instead we help our customers select the terms that suit appropriately to their business model. 

  • Extended credit range

We understand that the costs associated with machines, equipments, and other supportive tools can differ widely across the industries. To cope up with such variations we disburse business loan for machinery in a wide range.

So, are you ready to optimize your production with best machines? If you find your business eligible then get connected to us by logging onto