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Business Loan for Petrol Pump

Among the 63,674 Petrol Pumps 14,592, 27,377, 15,287 belongs to BPCL, IOCL and HPCL respectively. The public sector petroleum companies are planning to establish around 65K petrol pumps across India by 2019. IOCL, BPCL, and HPCL have decided to set up around 26,982, 15,802, 12,865 petrol pumps in their networks respectively.

Due to the government’s digital India initiatives, the petrol pumps are witnessing cashless transactions through the Point of Sale (POS) machines. The banks and payment gateways are offering incentives for the cashless transactions transacted through their POS machines. Therefore, this has made petrol pumps to handle a large volume of transactions on a daily basis and has led to high sales through the card settlements.

Business loan for petrol pump – fund requirement

First of all the fuel retailers need to maintain a steady operating cost to stand in the business.  Apart from that one needs to make investment accordingly in warehousing, logistics and restock of the fuel when the fuel prices are low in the international market. Also, the cost of maintenance of the facility cost needs to be included.

It costs Rupees 12 Lac and 25 lac to open a Petrol Pump in rural and urban areas respectively. Places like Mumbai, Delhi, and Ahmadabad requires even more funding due to the fact that the cost of living is very high.

Like any other retail business the term loan, logistics, and operational cost play a major role in establishing this business.

License Fee

The license fee is Rupees 18 and 16 per Kiloliter for Motor Spirit and High-Speed Diesel respectively for the dealer-owned sites at “B”/”DC” retail outlets. The license fee for the corporation owned “A”/”CC” site retail outlets is Rupees 48 and 41 per kiloliter for the Motor Spirit and High-Speed Diesel respectively.

Government application fee for new petrol pump

  • The application fee for the regular retail outlets is Rupees 1000/- and for the rural retail outlet is it is Rupees 100/-.
  • The applicant can apply for just one location only. The application fee is non-refundable and must be paid by Demand Draft only.
  • There is a non-refundable fee of Rupees 15 Lac if the dealer owns the land. For the regular outlets and it is Rupees 5 Lac for the rural retail outlets.

Business loan for petrol station – a land requirement

There is a selection criterion for the land to install the petrol pumps. As per the notification the land needs to be of a certain area and can be owned or leased for a certain time period. Certain important documents need to be produced proving the ownership of the land, which will be written in the notification.

The location will be scrutinized by the oil marketing companies. They would like to see if the location will generate the required sales or not.

The tender will be released by the oil companies on the preferred locations. The location will be decided based on the vicinity to National Highways, State Highways, and the crowded market places.

Petrol pump highway

The area for the petrol pumps required would be 800 – 1200 Sqm.

Applying for a petrol pump dealership

Generally, the advertisement is published in social media and on the site of the oil companies. The applicant has to read this ad and prepare accordingly.

The advertisement will specify the location and the interested applicant can then apply online and obtain a license for opening the petrol pump in the specific city, region or state.

In the event of more applications, the oil companies will select the winner as per the lottery system. The applicant if selected must submit all the required documents.

Also if the license is allotted to the applicant, the applicant must register for the GST and open a current account in the name of his business.

The process to apply for a business loan for the petrol pump

The Eligibility Requirements

  • You must be over 21 years of age
  • From the date of inception of the petrol pump, you must have been in business for a minimum of 1 year.
  • The minimum monthly revenue must be at least Rupees 2 Lac.

Selection of Lender

The selection of the lender is very important and crucial for getting the business loan for the petrol station. Make your selection based on the reliability of the company, its website, the basis of reviews, and the industry standing. Make sure that the lender organization has approachable customer executives and a good network of offices.

Minimum Business Vintage 1 year
Monthly Business Sales Minimum 2,00,000

Why FlexiLoans

Selecting a lender for the business loans for the petrol pump is a strenuous task and requires collateral and takes a very long time for the processing of the loan. And collateral makes the process difficult. FlexiLoans accept online loans and accept loan documents and application online. This makes the process simple and easier for the loan buyer to take loans and avail loans at the right time. As it is quicker and loan disbursal takes less time as 48 hours.

  • Get POS machines and digital payment handling System

A lot of people now depend on the digital cashless payments not only in urban areas but also in rural areas for retail shopping, eateries and fuel refills. The government’s digital India movement and government’s November 2017 demonetization movement has made this trend. There is a huge rise in the card transactions across India due to this effect.

As FlexiLoans is one of the Fintech Company, we will provide you with the cash advance on the daily revenue that you generate due to the cashless transaction up to 200% of the daily revenue. This is only for the petrol pump owners. By applying to the cash advance that is not a conventional loan but loan granted based on the future revenue, you can ensure that the short term working capital revenue is fulfilled.

The criteria for issuing this cash advance are that we need six months of credit/debit payment history on the POS. And then there need to be at least 7 to 8 customers who can make payment through the cards in a month.

  • Loan Terms required for the business loans for the petrol pump

The cash advance loan tenure is nearly 9 to 12 months and is usually short term loan. The terms are that you need to generate revenue streams and a number of operational years in business. The loan is available in the range of Rupees 1 Lac to Rupees 1 Crore.

For repayment of the business loans, you must check the FlexiLoans website online.

  • Check the Interest Rates and the processing fee

    The processing fee for the business loans for the petrol pump at FlexiLoans varies between 2% to 3%. Please check the interest rates online. There is no hidden clause or hidden fee.

  • Submit an online form to get an instant approval

Now having read the details given above we are sure that you are ready for applying for the business loans for the petrol pump at FlexiLoans. Fill your application, upload the necessary documents and after approval that takes a few hours the amount is credited in your account within 48 hours.

At FlexiLoans your loan amount will replenish your business needs and your business will see high growth.

Documents Required for Petrol Pump Business Loan

Personal KYC PAN card
Residential Address Proof (Any One) Rent Agreement | Driving License | Voter's ID | Ration Card | Passport | Aadhar Card
Banking Last 6 months current account bank statements
Business KYC (Any One) GST Registration Certificate | Shops & Establishment Certificate | Business PAN Card

Frequently asked questions

What are the purposes for which I can get a loan via FlexiLoans?

FlexiLoans is here to provide you financial access for your business funding needs. You have to undergo simple and transparent Credit Evaluation, basic documentation before we disburse the loan. You may get loans via FlexiLoans for:
  • Expanding your business
  • Servicing regular working capital needs
  • Managing seasonal working capital requirements
  • Manage short term cash flow gaps

Why should I avail loan via FlexiLoans?

Quick credit assessment ensures fast disbursal of loan at best rates and flexible terms, thus providing financial access at a click! Our business is to help you grow your business.

What documents are required to apply for a loan?

KYC document

  • - Pan card

Proof of residential address (any one)

  • - Rent Agreement
  • - Driving License
  • - Voter's ID
  • - Ration Card
  • - Passport


  • - Last 6 months of bank statement of current account

Business KYC (any one)

  • - GST Registration Certificate
  • - Shop Establishment Certificate

Financial documents (For loans greater than 20 Lakhs)

  • - 2 years Audited financials
  • - Last 2yrs ITR
  • - GST Returns of 6 months

Are there any charges other than interest rate that I have to pay to avail the loan?

We may charge processing fee to facilitate the loan towards legal and documentation charges. You may be charged penal charges for late or irregular payment behavior.

Quick credit assessment ensures fast disbursal of loan at best rates and flexible terms, thus providing financial access at a click! Our business is to help you grow your business.

We may charge processing fee to facilitate the loan towards legal and documentation charges.

Interest rates start at as low as 1% per month. However, it may depend on various factors like your loan amount, tenure, eligibility, etc.