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The city Bilaspur of state Chhattisgarh is situated in central India and is in the coat belt. Therefore it is the central location for the generation of electricity. Also, they are known for their fertility and is producing a sweet smelling rice variety called Doobraj. This electricity producing feature of the city made is famous among other cities in Chhattisgarh. It is the major commercial hub and contains several industrial units allowing entrepreneurs to start several new. This city has the opportunity and at FlexiLoans we help you tap the opportunity by providing business loan and thus your dream comes true.

Before we talk about loan terms and FlexiLoans features we would like to help you understand more about Bilaspur. This will help you plan a business and grow exponentially. Bilaspur is the 2nd largest city next to Raipur in Chhattisgarh.

Also, know that Bilaspur has the pride of being called ‘Nyayadhani’ of the state due to the presence of the High Court which is the is the biggest one, Asia.

Know the chief business in Bilaspur

When you want to start a business in any city you must be aware of the profit yielding business at the same time one which can survive for a long time. That way we have listed the main business opportunity available in Bilaspur. However, you can also think innovatively and we are there to fund you.

  • Food center

Every place needs food centers and is needless to say that this business will grow in spite of heavy competition. All you need to do is make yourself unique, create a brand and keep moving forward. Bilaspur being the agri city will provide you with a rich source of agricultural products. You can think of starting a food center in and around the railway station Bilaspur because it is one of the main cities as considered by Indian Railways. It has obtained a place in cleanliness and places 4 for being the longest station in India. So start a food stall and you can earn a name to expand across the city.

  • Clothes

Again Kosa silk sarees are remembered for its finest quality and handwoven. You can think of exporting this to other countries and make every Indian living globally feel the pride in their culture. Set up an online store and you need less investment but huge returns.

  • Small Manufacturing Units

There is no dearth for power in Bilaspur and hence you can think of setting up small manufacturing units. This depends on your knowledge and expertise. It can be a cloth bag manufacturing unit, a paper plate unit, candles, rice mill, etc.

With these ideas let us see how to get a business loan in Bilaspur.

Business Loan Eligibility

You might want to start a business but not sure about whether you are eligible to get a loan. Yes, there are few things which you must abide by to take a loan as per Indian constitution. So let us understand the basic eligibility for a business loan in Bilaspur.

    • Age limit – Lower limit 21 and the upper limit is 65 years. At the time of closing your loan, you must be 65. Which means you cannot take a loan when you are 65. This age factor is important to ensure that you will be able to repay the loan.
  • Income and returns – It is also mandatory to update the financing company about your living. What is your source of income? In case you’re starting a business for the first time, then you must mention how much returns you expect from the business.  Minimum 2 LPA returns are expected to approve your loan request.

Proof required for getting a business loan in Bilaspur approved

Now, you know you are eligible but must have the following documents to submit as proof. We don’t require any Xerox or original papers but only upload online.

Birth certificate, SSLC mark sheet, Aadhar card, Voter card, ration card, driving license, passport, PAN card, etc.

Don’t panic we don’t need all these but one in each category as mentioned below.

    • Identity Proof – Among the above-mentioned documents in italics submit one that has a photo for verifying your identity.
    • Age proof – Likewise choose one that has your date of birth to prove your age.
  • Address proof – Similarly select one for confirming your address.

Note: Each one must have a different proof and the same cannot be used for all criteria.

    • PAN – This is a mandatory document which helps the government to track your financial authenticity.
    • Financial status  – Bank transaction documents including statement or passbook to
    • Tax Papers – You must also save your tax and ITR papers for at least 2 years in case you plan to start a business.
    • Photo – Passport size photo which is recently taken in the last one year.
  • Miscellaneous – If you have any other loans that must be indicated to the financing company in advance. Also, cash flow papers and others including power of attorney, memorandum or affiliation should be uploaded if you have any.

Charges and financing cost

Loan charges are decided based on the following inputs you provide us with. So whether you plan for an MSME or an SME business, make sure you know these details to apply with us. Also, we will discuss in person with you for clarifying you about the EMI terms and conditions.

    • How much working capital do you require?
    • Net worth
    • What is your loan duration?
    • Inventory proportions
    • CIBIL score
    • Profitability from the business
  • Cash flow

Nature and Charges

Apart from the above-mentioned details we also have other charges based on your down payment amount etc. So let us discuss the following as well personally during the loan processing time.

    • Commitment charges
    • Foreclosure charges
  • Down payment charges etc.

There is no defined amount as these charges vary from one case to another. Let us discuss and confirm.

Best Features of FlexiLoans Business Loan Process

We do not want to boast about ourselves but would like to humbly differentiate us from other financiers. Hence listed our strengths to give you confidence.

    • Our loan process is simple and transparent. You can apply online within no time and everything is explained for your understanding.
    • We serve more than 100 cities in India and you can start a business in any part of India making use of our best rates.
    • You don’t need to run for collecting documents or making copies and just upload the scanned copy of the documents mentioned above from your smartphone or PC to complete the loan application process.
    • We never ask you for any collateral and feel free to contact us for a hassle-free loan process.
    • The entire loan application process is completed within 2 business days.
  • You can dream as big as our loan amount is as high as one crore. Our EMI calculation is quick and easily comprehensible.

In a nutshell, we offer the best rates, no paperwork, no collaterals demanded, transparent and quick process.

How to apply for a business loan in Bilaspur

It’s time to apply as you know the requirements, process, and features. Click to apply and get your loan.