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Business Loan in Karnataka

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Economic growth is highest in Karnataka in India. As per the revenue, Mangalore and Belgaum districts contribute second and third highest after Bangalore in Karnataka. In India, Karnataka has the highest concentration of higher education including medical and engineering colleges.

Bangalore in Karnataka is known as the Silicon Valley of India. Information Technology is the primary sector in Karnataka in places like Bangalore, Belagavi, Mangalore, Mysuru, Davanagere and Hubballi-Dharwad which are largest in producing IT professionals. In Karnakata, some of the huge opportunity lies in Gaming, Cloud, Big Data, Visual effects, and Comics sector. In India, Karnataka is an IT leader and contributes to the highest GDP in the country.

Top 3 places best suited for business in Karnataka

  • Bangalore: It is also called the software capital of India because of the large number of IT companies in India. And is 4th largest city and biggest IT city in India. Bengaluru, as it is called today, has the highest economic growth of 10.3% and is the fastest growing city in India. It is also called the highest selling FMCG city. Also, Bangalore is the fastest growing city for Small Business in India. Bangalore consists and is home to 10000-dollar millionaires and 60,000 super-rich people. Bangalore is “The next decade’s fastest growing cities” in Asia.

  • Mysore: It is one of the cleanest city in India and has historical importance and is the 2nd biggest city in Karnataka. This city has many IT companies after Bangalore and is best for startups and doing business with ease. It has got many franchises and can be obtained by online services. Franchises can be obtained with low cost and less initial space in Mysore.

  • Mangalore: Mangalore is one of the coastal city in Karnataka. It is known for its chemical industry and hardware manufacturing. It is also supplied crude oil from its port to rest of  Karnataka. It is also one of the least polluted city by WHO. It has a huge shortage of salespeople, so starting a sales training institute has a high business growth. This city is likely to grow twice as large in the next ten years. If you are salespeople you can grow and earn in millions in Mangalore.

Who can apply for a business loan to Karnataka?

Anyone who wants to start a business in Karnataka, but running short of money for investing in new micro, small and medium enterprises, can get in touch with us to get the money through loans. Every student who has completed their education and wishing to help the society grow economically by start a business can apply for the loan at the best interest rate. The business plan can include a wholesale business or retail business or even an export business. Anyone who qualifies legally can start a business in Karnataka. Please contact us to apply for a business loan. According to the Indian Government, few legitimate obligations to borrow money are as follows.


  • You should have been in business for at least 12 months from the date of incorporation
  • Your monthly turnover should be at least ₹2,00,000
  • You should be above 21 years of age

Documents Required for a Business Loan in Karnataka

You can apply for a business loan in Karnataka with us, provided you hold the documents as per the mandate issued by the government of India or Karnataka state government. These documents can enable financial institutions to verify your credibility and then approve your loan in a timely manner.

  1. Documents Required                  
  • Personal KYC – PAN Card

  1. Residential Address Proof (Any One)
  • Rent Agreement
  • Driving License
  • Voter ID
  • Ration Card
  • Passport

  1. Last 6 months Current Account Bank Statement in Net Banking PDF format

  1. Business KYC (Any One)
  • GST Registration Certificate
  • Shops and Establishment Certificate

Rates and interest rates of a business loan in Karnataka

Interest rates for loans for small, medium and large units are calculated in accordance with the guidelines suggested by the Indian Government. Please, apply online and we will elaborate you the criteria for rates and their calculations.

  • Productivity and profitable benefits.
  • Operating costs
  • Loan duration
  • Income stream
  • Credit Information Bureau India Limited credit score (CIBIL)
  • General expenses and assets of the company.
  • Benefits of productivity and ROI – return on investment.

EMI: The equivalent monthly fee is based on the time duration of the loan payment and the sum of the loan needed.

Business loans and related expenses

Few other aspects that persuade the loan rate are based on each case and include the following.

  • Payment by installments for the first time
  • Closing costs
  • Commissions and Commitments.

Why FlexiLoans for a business loan in Karnataka?

When you want to take out a loan, then you start dwelling into several thoughts, which can lead to confusion, for example, who is the right lender? What are their characteristics etc? We discuss with you about all this and in a more open manner. You will find below the best features of our company for availing loans.

  • We offer a maximum of one crore loan amount and all in one click by filling an online application.
  • We do not demand guarantees, security and also do not hide any fees. Our process is a straightforward one and everyone can easily get approval.
  • EMI calculations are provided with steps and you can understand using our EMI calculator. We provide you with the right interest rates at par with the market.
  • All loan procedures happen online and no need to run around with papers. This means you can load all the required scanned documents online and fill out the online form. Once you have met all the criteria, the loan will be granted at once in not more than 2 business days.
  • The entire loan process is simple.
  • You can avail loan from anywhere in India and start a business in any of the 100 cities where we support with funding.

Keep an e-copy of all required documents to apply for a loan. We also offer ideas and talk about business plans with you.

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