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Patiala is located in the northwestern region of India and southeastern part of Punjab. In mainstream culture, this city stays celebrated for its conventional Patiala Shahi turban, paranda (a decorated tag for interlacing hair), Patiala salwar (a kind of female pants), jutti and Patiala peg (a proportion of alcohol).

Patiala is a quickly growing city with its focus on modern development focus on the industrial sector. Other than conventional merchandise, high caliber and refined things are presently delivered including cutting instruments, control links, Vanaspati ghee, bikes, horticulture, milk items, and pesticides.

As indicated by the 2011 enumeration Patiala area has a populace of losing to 2 lacs, roughly equivalent to the US province of Mississippi. This places it at 248th place in India (among 640) and has an education rate of 76.3%.

What business would you be able to begin in Patiala

  1. Cutting tools business

Opening a simple cutting tool supply organization involves a great deal of research. This business is a niche business but once you know the business it is easy to start one and make a profit. Cutting instrument industry is an extremely specific specialty. Apply for a loan from us and start a business to improve your organization’s monetary position.

  1. Garments and Textile Business  

Patiala has a parcel of cotton and is well recognized for textiles and handlooms businesses. Anybody interested in starting a garments business can sell garments by starting an online store. For example, sites for acquiring handlooms and materials. Patiala Salwars are world renowned.

  1. Food Business

As Patiala is world known for its horticultural actualizes you can set up little to medium scale units of food preparing units here and even send to different nations. There is an expanded interest in sustenance handling and food export from Patiala.

  1. Franchise business

Franchise business needs a very limited arrangement and there is no need to own any skill to start a business. The preparation and all required information of the business would be provided by the franchise owner as they will have a brand. There is no danger of disappointments and no concern about the business future. Everything about the business skill will be given, for example, programming skills, office infrastructure, seats, tables, online sites will be given or can collect from online as well.

This business is getting popular among organizations for different well-known brands and is developing rapidly nowadays. The best part of the decision is to choose the best brand with great morals and constantly developing as well as giving importance to consumer loyalty etc. forth.

Who can apply for a business advance in Patiala?

Any individual who is intrigued to begin Business in Patiala, yet don’t have the cash to contribute for the new companies of Micro, Small and Medium scale units can get in touch with us for the cash by taking credits. Indeed, even undergrads in the wake of finishing their examinations and need to support society or begin a business can benefit advances at an alluring rate of intrigue. The business can be discount or retail or online or any export businesses. Anybody with lawful thoughts yet needs to begin Business in Patiala can approach us for taking credits. There are not many prerequisites for accepting credits according to the Government of India, but a few and they are as listed per the following.


  • Age limit: as far as possible the age of the loan applicant should be between 21 years and 65 years.
  • Tax papers: You should be a citizen and need to keep up the expense form reports alongside the PAN Number.
  • At least 2 Lac of return should be obtained from your business. It would be ideal if you make a Business arrangement with important subtleties containing your vision.

Reports required for business credit in Patiala

You can apply for the credit with us; in any case, for administration purpose, we need the accompanying records. These reports help the lending establishment confirms its genuineness and procedure to approve a loan in a convenient way.

  • The ID proof must be obtained from the Government of India, for example, bank passbook with photo, Aadhar Card, Driving License, voter’s ID and Passport
  • Premises proof must be submitted and one of the following is required for the same. You must give the Aadhar card, Voter ID, a driver’s permit, a bank book, property enrollment records, etc.
  • The candidate’s PAN Number or Company PAN Number must be submitted.
  • In request to demonstrate the monetary circumstance of the candidate, a passbook or bank statement must be submitted with a minimum six months transaction details.
  • Details of salary: Income details for the last two years.
  • The passport size photo of the Candidate.
  • The credit departments can demand data about money streams and different other papers depending on the loan applicant details and current market changes.

Rates and financing costs for a business loan in Patiala

Financing costs for the credits for the Micro, Small and Medium scale units are determined according to the arrangement of Government of India. It would be ideal if you call us to talk about the criteria for the rates and its figurings.

  • Productivity and gainful advantages.
  • Running costs
  • Loan Period
  • Revenue stream
  • CIBIL – Credit Information Bureau India Limited FICO rating
  • Overheads and Company resources
  • Equity shares
  • Productivity and Return of Investment benefits

EMI: Equated Monthly Installments relies upon the length of the credit reimbursement and the measure of advance required.

Why FlexiLoans for business credit in Patiala

One may have numerous contemplations while taking advances, these might confound, for example, who would it be advisable for you to take credits from? Who is the best loan specialist? What are the highlights and so on? We talk about all these and more things straightforwardly with you. Underneath referenced are the best highlights of our organization for credits.

  • We offer credit till 1 crore subsequent to fulfilling the advance endorsement process.
  • We don’t request any security and there are no shrouded charges, this is our guarantee


  • EMI estimations are straightforward and clear and we give you the figurings. We give you the best loan costs in the market.
  • Loan strategies are altogether paperless, this implies you can transfer all the examined required archives on the web and fill the structure on the web. In the wake of fulfilling every one of the criteria’s the credit will be approved in no longer than 48 hours.
  • Our credit approving process is basic and simple.
  • Keep up an e-duplicate copy of documents and you can apply for a loan quickly.