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The majority of tribal people in Chhattisgarh in the place Surguja. This place is divided into two districts and Surajpur is prominent among the two.  It is the 26th district in the state and was known by different names such as Daandbulla, Suryapur, etc. It is known for its religious values. This district produces potato and onion on a large scale. The city is well connected to Jharkhand and Madhyapradesh via road. Raipur is the closest airport to the city and railway connectivity also exists. The tourist attraction for this place includes Tamor Pingla Wildlife Sanctuary, Rashtrapati Bhavan, Rakasganda Fall, Pilkha Kshir and the Floating Restaurant. With close to 8 lakh people living in this city let us explore the best business opportunities here.

Profitable Business in Surajpur

  • Garment Manufacturing

You can think of starting a garment manufacturing unit as there is very limited availability today. In 2017 Mr. Anesh Kumar came up with an idea of manufacturing cotton socks and is generating an annual turnover of 5 crores. Clothing business will certainly give returns as there are eight lakh people living in the city.

  • Export and Import

The chief crops available in the city are rice, lentils, maize, wheat, masoor, mustard, etc. Also, onion and potato are available in plenty. You can export these goods to the places needed to make huge revenue. Also, the other food crops which are in meager or limited available can be imported from other places. Therefore think of beginning an import business to get resources to the city. With the not very high cost of living, this place will suit for a luxury living. If you know Hindi language, then there is no question about survival in this place. Think of it and knock our door to get a loan up to one crore and start your business in the earliest time possible.

  • Appliances, Accessories, Jeweler

All these are basic needs these days and you can start a store to sell these goods. There will be good response and you can either start a physical showroom or set up an online store. Both will have a response if you can market the concept a bit as people might be reluctant initially. But with a 60% literacy rate, you will not find it difficult to market your concept. You can also think of going with a brand in the franchise model.

In short, there is no dearth to ideas and you must make up your mind to start and we are there to fund you at the best interest rate.

Qualifying standards to avail business loan in Surajpur

Every aspiring individual to become an entrepreneur but lacking fund can approach us for a business loan. You can come with a plan and we will provide you more suggestions. Decide on your basic expenses and returns from the business and rest we will help you. We will provide you the loan at the best rate and explain to you all the details about repaying them. Without any worry about the loan, you can focus on the business to generate revenue. However, per the mandate issued by the Indian constitution, you must qualify to apply for a loan. Those standards are mentioned below for your reference.

  1. You must be major and above 21 years to apply for a loan. Also, you should be under 65 before your loan period is completed. This is to ensure that you can repay the loan on time.
  2. You must abide by the law and must be a taxpayer with a valid PAN number.
  3. Think of a profitable business based on the location you plan to start the business. For instance, there are few ideas we have given to inspire you to start a business in Surajpur. Likewise, you must think of the right business that can generate constant profit.

Documentation Work

The moment you see this word document we understand you feel tensed. But don’t worry we don’t tax you with hefty documentation work. Also, there is no need to submit any physical papers. Simply upload e-documents and you are done. The few mandatory proofs to confirm your age, citizenship, financial status must be submitted and we have listed them below for your reference.

  1. Submit aadhar card, voter id, passport, driving license, smart card, bank passbook, etc which will have your photo. This is to confirm your identity.
  2. Submit any one of the above-mentioned documents that your residence address to verify your presence. Additionally here you can include gas connection bill, electricity bill, telephone bill, etc for address confirmation.
  3. Likewise, choose any one of the above document that contains the date of birth to provide as proof for your age. Note: Choose one document individually for all the category. For example, you cannot submit a passport for ID and address proof. Choose one for each category.
  4. PAN card is a must
  5. Provide a bank statement for letting us know about your financial transactions.
  6. Submit IT returns paper for us to understand that you are aware of the Indian tax policy.
  7. Submit your recently taken passport size photograph.
  8. Any other loan you have taken in the past which is due to the settlement must be indicated.

Interest rates and charges

Interest rate calculation varies for SME and MSME businesses. It depends on the following conditions and based on your inputs we can share the details with you.

  • Working cost
  • Loan duration
  • Equity quota
  • Cash flow
  • CIBIL score
  • Company assets
  • Profitability and productivity

Based on the above conditions your EMI will be calculated. Simply understand that EMI is the amount you on a monthly basis which will be high for risk business and huge loan amount. It will be low for a longer-tenured loan.

Nature of Business Loan and Charges

In addition to the above charges, there are other charges depending on your business nature. Don’t worry they are very nominal and we don’t charge more. Let us discuss individually to fix the amount. It primarily depends on your business nature (risky, volatile, competitive, etc), then depends on your commitment, foreclosure amount, and first installment payment.

Why choose us for a business loan in Surajpur

There are several players in the market and you constantly worry about choosing the best. Here you go with our features to help you make a decision. Consider the following criteria before you select the right provider.

  1. How much amount do you expect?  – Do not keep worrying about the amount as we offer up to one crore. So you can plan big or small and we are there
  2. Are you tired of paperwork? – No paperwork only online document submission. Feel relaxed.
  3. Worried about collaterals? –Absolutely no security or guarantee we demand. Also, no other hidden clause.
  4. Feeling difficult to understand EMI calculation? – We will provide you with transparent calculation and you can plan your other expenses accordingly.  
  5. Which city do you want to start the business?  – You start anywhere in India and we are there in more than 100 cities.
  6. When do you want your loan request approved? – In 2 days time, we process your application and today fill the form to start your business day after tomorrow.

Final Step

Click the link given below, fill the form, upload documents and submit. Within no time you can also become an industrialist.