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Maharashtra has few industrial cities and Thane is prominent among them. It is the third most populous city in the state. Thane has a benefit of having the coastal area and hence groundwater fishing is a growing business there. Not only in population but in industrial growth as well Thane stands number three. Chemicals and medicine manufacturing business are widely present in this area. Also, you can witness a large number of production units to produce power loom fabrics and iron goods.

Top 5 Business Ideas in Thane

Being the busiest metro, Mumbai has several opportunities and hence you can start the following business in Thane to feel glad of your business venture.

  • Cloth Boutique

It is not required to say that Thane city in Mumbai has no dearth to people and a clothing boutique is an ideal choice. You can start a small one or a bigger one. If you have plans to invest some decent amount, then you can choose some malls. These places will have more visitors and you can skyrocket your business.

  • Mobile Food outlets

The busy city Thane will have people awake round the clock. Setting up a mobile outlet for food will earn you good money. You can identify places and their busy timing to make your mobile food outlet available and provide food. There is no cost involved in paying as rent to the shop. You can keep moving to completely sell your food.

  • Trading

Stock market Mumbai can help you grow with trading business. You can make little investment and start B2B trading. Identify domains specifically pharma or medicine which will yield good profit. Buy them in bulk and sell at retail.

  • Coastal selling

Coastal selling is a wise idea if you know the import and export terms. The abundant resources available here will let you do a great shipping business. You need to know the chief contacts and the business nuance to flourish in this business.

  • Consulting Services

Many people move to this city for education and aspiration to find a job. So you can help those providing education or job consulting services. Also, people wish to travel abroad and hence you can provide immigration consultancy services. Based on your strength you can provide any consulting support and that will polish your skills as well help you make good revenue. Guidance to people moving there is the prime need and it is increasing every day. Consulting business is one of the most demanding businesses in Thane.

The essential qualification requirement to avail a business advance in Thane

Knowledge is the way to a fruitful business. One must have a fundamental business learning that includes where to begin, how to and so on. With this fundamental, anybody can avail a credit. Be that as it may, as per the Indian law, you have to meet the criteria as mentioned below to apply for a loan.

  • Adults completed 21 years or more however not past 65 is eligible to avail a business credit. This is to guarantee that one can comprehend the business terms as well as capable of reimbursing the advance.
  • You must abide by Indian tax law and must be a diligent taxpayer.
  • The business plan ought to be moral and it should restore a benefit of least 2 lacs annually.

With these passing criteria independent of religion, standing, doctrine, and sexual orientation anybody can apply for a loan with FlexiLoans.

Accreditations to get loan approval

Truly, you comprehended the passing criteria, yet how would we affirm the equivalent? Consequently, we collect a few fundamental documents from you. In any case, don’t take stress as we don’t need any physical copies and e-duplicates will help.

  • ID evidence – Needless to state as we have to check your distinguishing proof to affirm your genuineness. Submit any one of the accompanying proof Id confirmations. Bank pass book with a photograph, driving permit, aadhar card, voter card, office issuing bonafide, and so forth.

  • Address verification – Government of Indian issues the following documents with address printed and hence you can use them for address verification. They include the aadhar card, apportion card, driving permit, voter card, and so forth

  • Age verification – SSLC mark sheet with DOB, birth certificate obtained from the corporation of India, or any of the previously mentioned evidence that contains your date of birth.

  • Financial verification – PAN card is the main report to affirm your monetary status. It allows tracking your financial exchanges that are over 50000. At that point, your bank explanation for at least 2 years along with the assessment recorded papers with returns.

  • Photo – Recently taken a photo.

  • Other credit verification – in case you have an obligation with some other association both government and private should be discussed with us ahead of time.

We can talk about some other record required with you face to face during the business loan confirmation dependent on the subtleties you give.

The amount we charge and what is our loan fee

Till now we clarified about our expectations in terms of documents from you. Now, we might want to tell our charges and rates. In light of the accompanying subtleties acquired we will most likely reveal our EMI, loan costs, and different charges. Each one of your business and loan tenures will decide these rates.

  • The cost required to work the business
  • Loan residency
  • Equity standards
  • Credit Information Bureau India Limited (CIBIL)
  • Company Assets
  • Cash stream
  • Business Productivity and business benefit

Note: Irrespective of providing these documents, we would need you to recall that the EMI sum will be robust when you plan to take up a high-risk business. You can pay less EMI for a small loan amount.

Nature of business advance and their charges

Indeed, even in the wake of knowing the above information regardless we can improve count by understanding the nature of business and the accompanying information together.

  • Commitment charges
  • Pre conclusion charges
  • First portion sum of amount paid

Why choose FlexiLoans for a business loan?

At this crossroads, we might want to tell you our unique selling point which will let you choose our services.

  • We don’t consume much of your time in paperwork as our procedure is just on the web. You can get to our website to fill up the application with essential information and transfer a couple of obligatory evidence reports.
  • Don’t fear about any guarantee as we don’t seek any collateral from you.
  • Our EMI estimation is straightforward and you can know the sum you have to reimburse every month.
  • We will be able to give you a loan to start any legitimate business in any city in India.
  • Apply for a credit today and we will reach out to you in two days. Thus keep every one of your archives ready in your PC to enable us to serve better and snappier.

With these 5 highlights, we are glad to consider us the best business credit supplier in India.

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