Business Loan Requirements

Business Loan Requirements

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What is a business loan and when does the requirement kick in?

A business loan is the extra set of funding or capital an organization requires to cater to immediate or unforeseen requirements. These could include the requirement of funds for increasing the size of the team or for infrastructural expansion or to manage organizational expenses before the next wave of revenue hits the company coffers.

Business loans are generally opted for to meet:
* Meeting infrastructure expansion costs
* Hire more resources
* Catering to a bigger project
* Moving to a new office space

Business Loan requirement for small business owners

  • The entrepreneur must be above the age of 21 years
  • The company should be in business for at least a year
  • The company should be making an monthly turnover of atleast INR 2 Lakhs
  • The company should have filed tax reports for at least a year.
  • The credit score of the applicant also plays a major role.

Meet your business loan requirements with FlexiLoans

Starting a new business is not easy and managing the finances to get the processes rolling might not always go as planned. In the roadmap of setting up processes and acquiring resources, a surplus amount of capital could be the need of the hour and the lack of capital has been one of the major reasons for existing and emerging entrepreneurs to pull the plug on their organizations.

With changing times there are a plethora of lending institutions emerging in the market space to provide eligible entrepreneurs with the funding required to realize their goals.

Raising capital to cater to business requirements is no longer a long cumbersome process. With advancements in the banking sector in online business loans applications processing, the time taken has reduced significantly.

More and more organizations in the lending and borrowing pools are switching to online channels for faster results, instant service, and increased mobility.

Every organization at its core is different and thus the business loan requirements vary accordingly. At FlexiLoans, we understand this.
To cater to these custom requirements, our lending mechanism has chartered tailor-made solutions to cater to business loan requirements for businesses. 

Most common business loan requirements:

1. Business loan requirements for Term Business Loans:

Term loans are those business loans that exclusively deal with applicants who are looking to raise significantly large lending. With term loans, the applicants are required to produce property for collateral along with a guarantor. This allows the lending institution to rely on a physical property in non-payment scenarios.

For a term loan, along with the credit score of the organization, the metrics of the founder are considered too.

Term loans are best suited for businesses who are looking to expand and are not willing to wait for weeks if not months for the loan to be processed.

2. Business Loan Requirement for Business line of Credit:

The business loan requirement for a loan like this varies from every applicant, for, the credit score of the applicant plays a significant role along with that of the organization.

  • The repayment tenure is shorter when compared to Term loans or equipment loans.
  • The rate of interest is significantly higher.
  • The user has the option to replenish the loan amount by clearing the amount used.