Case Studies

Raghu, Online seller, took our Flexi-Term working capital loan

Raghu is an apparel seller on multiple e-Commerce marketplaces. In addition, he also supplies regularly to certain offline retailers. With newer players in the online market, Raghu sees an opportunity to scale up his business rapidly. With the festive season nearing as well, he wants to place a large order with multiple manufacturers. However, his settlement from the platforms where he currently sells is at least 30 days. In addition, he needs to pay 50% of the order amount upfront to place an order with his manufacturers. Due to this he finds it hard to maintain inventory across multiple platforms or for his offline vendors. He sees a considerable opportunity loss if he doesn’t capitalize on the multiple platforms and the upcoming festive season.

How did we help?

Considering his constraints, Raghu approached FlexiLoans for a bridge loan to maintain inventory and stabilize his cash flows. He applied for a loan of 5,00,000. Basis Raghu’s strong financials and a positive repayment track record, FlexiLoans approved a loan of 5,00,000 within 2 Days with 6 monthly repayment instalments.

How did Raghu benefit?

With the short-term working capital loan in place, Raghu was able to procure inventory required to sell on additional platforms as well as service additional demand during the festive season. This had a positive impact on his monthly turnover as it doubled, largely due to the increase in sales. Raghu is now looking at doubling his annual turnover this season through diversification of his apparel portfolio.


Rajeev, business owner, benefitted from our Flexi-Line

Rajeev owns a furnishing store in Jaipur. His business includes selling of carpets, bed covers, cushion covers and other furnishing items. Due to approaching festive season, he envisages a high demand of sale of furnishing items. However he is unsure of the business projections. He may require capital to buy inventory on an immediate basis as the festive season approaches. At the same time, his business involves selling on credit and thus he has excess cash in the first 10 days, however, he is out of cash in the remaining 20 days.

How did we help?

Considering his constraints, Rajeev approached FlexiLoans for FlexiLine to meet his irregular cash requirements during the festive season. He applied for a credit facility for Rs 10 lakhs. Basis Rajeev’s strong financials and a positive credit record, FlexiLoans provided FlexiLine worth Rs 10 lakhs within 48 hours for tenure of 6 months.

How did Rajeev benefit?

With FlexiLine in place, Rajeev was able to get funds required on ad-hoc basis depending upon the requirement. He was able to withdraw funds up to the credit limit to meet his unforeseen cash requirement. This has a huge positive impact on his sales during the festive season as he was able to procure the goods as per his need in the remaining 20 days. Even though FlexiLine is offered at a higher interest rate than a regular term loan, FlexiLine is the best solution fit for Rajeev’s fluctuating capital needs.



Sameer inherited his father’s general goods store in a metro city. His monthly sales was well above 3, 00,000 per month on an average. Most of his transactions were in cash. However, Sameer, well aware that customers were moving towards supermarkets due to ease of Credit Cards and Wallets registered himself with a POS device provider. This provided him access to a new customer base but Sameer continued to sell the same brands through his store as he found no benefit in expanding his products and brands.

However, with demonetization, the impact of Credit Cards was too much for Sameer to ignore as competing stores rapidly expanded. However, he needs to scale up his business to meet changing demands of his customers. He also wants to renovate his store to attract a younger generation of customers. But, he is constrained as he doesn’t want to bulk pay his EMIs. He had been using his POS device for last 2 years and has been doing more than 1, 00,000 every month. Despite this, as he tried approaching Banks for a loan, he was often ignored like most other kirana stores.

How did we help?

Considering his constraint in bulk EMIs, he approached FlexiLoans for a possible alternative to expand his business with a required amount of 3,00,000.

Basis the stable cash flows, positive margins as well as increasing card swipe over the last few months, FlexiLoans approved his request for a loan of 3,00,000 with an option of daily debit as a percentage of his card swipes on his POS machine with a tenure of 12 months.

How did Sameer benefit?

With a considerably lower EMI burden due to daily repayments, Sameer was able to expand his product line easily. Due to his timely repayment track record, he was given a top-up of another 2,00,000 after 4 months into his loan. Sameer utilized this amount to renovate his store and is now able to not only compete with other general stores but has even increased his monthly turnover by 50%. This is largely driven by his POS machine as he now does more than 2,00,000 per month from cards alone. He is now looking to double his monthly turnover in the next 6 months.


Ashok, an automobile manufacturer, signed up for Flexi Vendor Financing

Ashok is a manufacturer of automobile parts in a Tier-2 city. He recently bagged a large order of 10 Lakhs every month from an automobile manufacturer. This, however, came at the cost of his credit cycle being pushed to 60 days. But, with the large order now in, Ashok is confused about how he can manage to pay wages and procure inventory simultaneously. He approached a few banks, all of whom either asked for too many documents or time for disbursal is too high. He is now concerned about his considerable loss in business.

How did we help?

Keeping his cash flow constrain in mind, Ashok approached FlexiLoans with an open mind to find a way to capitalized on his business opportunity. FlexiLoans, in turn provided him a line of credit of value 20 Lakhs with an option of avail financing against his invoices at 80% of the value. FlexiLoans also coordinated with Ashok’s partners to recover the excess payment minus the interest, received and credited the same to his account.

How did Ashok benefit?

With a huge amount of receivables on his book, Ashok smartly utilized his invoices to finance his inventory and pay salaries to ensure his aim of capitalizing on festive demand by his buyers is met. His company’s incremental revenue during the festive season rocketed to 20 Lakhs for the month and he was able to sustain the same as he regularly used his receivables to finance his inventory.