Manager - Performance Marketing


2 weeks ago MBA/PGDM

Job Description:

Job Description:

As a member of the Marketing Team at FlexiLoans, your responsibility would include setting up, managing and optimizing campaigns across an array of digital channels. You will also be required to coordinate with other members cross-functionally to drive your objectives and achieve your key results.

Roles & Responsibilities

* Strategize and execute the paid marketing strategy to acquire users through multiple paid channels and partnerships

* Optimize and scale on the back of Data. You should be comfortable with working with data.

*Conducting experiments to expand.

* Tracking, Managing & Optimizing Marketing spend efficiently & effectively across channels

* Experience in managing Affiliates, Facebook and Agencies is a plus

* Setup multiple but relevant dashboard to build a sense of direction and course correction

* Daily performance reports for campaigns & experiments

* Knowledge of SQL is a plus

* Excellent verbal and written communication skills

* Overlook and supervise Social media accounts, pages. Work with the interns to keep social accounts up and running with a lot of content and creatives.

* Prepare monthly targets for Direct and drive the same throughout

* Responsible for lead conversion (upto sanctions) for Google, Affiliates and Facebook

* Drive Traffic to Lead with the help of product team

* Mobile app scale with partners and app download campaigns using multiple channels

Education Qualification- MBA / B.Tech

Experience - 3 years


Mumbai, India, Asia

Full time

Key Skills:

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