Area Collections Manager


1 month ago Diploma

Job Description:

Position Purpose:

This role is accountable for portfolio monitoring across buckets, execution of the collections strategy and, enhancing continuous efficiency and effectiveness of the collections engine for the Unsecured Business Loans.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Monitor accounts and proactively act on them.
  2. Investigate historical data for each defaulter
  3. Find and contact clients to ask about their overdue payments
  4. Take actions to encourage timely debt payments
  5. Process payments and refunds
  6. Resolve billing and customer issues.
  7. Update account status records and collection efforts
  8. Report on collection activity and accounts receivable status.
  9. Personal Visit on High Value accounts for fast resolution.
  10. Co-ordination with Legal team for fast Recovery.
  11. Able to do allocation to respective agency and Executive.
  12. Cost saving Intention when allocating case to agency.


Mumbai, India, Asia

Full time

Key Skills:

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