6 Tips on Safeguarding Your Covid-19 Disrupted Small Business

safeguarding your covid-19 disrupted small business

The Coronavirus pandemic has struck hard. It has forced some of the most powerful countries to contain their population in their homes, and the same goes for India. With such huge pressures on people, the administrators, and the governments across the nation, it is quite likely for the small businesses to suffer a big blow. Of course, small businesses cannot afford to shut down completely. But they also cannot afford to play with the health of their workforce.

In such circumstances, some tips that can help small businesses in protecting their companies from the implications of the temporary closure are as follows:


  • Try Being Honest and Communicate Openly with Customers


There are uncertainties everywhere – no matter whether you are the owner of a business, stay-at-home parent, full-time employee, or self-employed. Hence, be upfront and open while communicating with customers. Let them know whether you are delivering services at home; temporarily closing or operating only limited hours during the day. Have detailed and specific FAQ sections. This will make it easier for your customers to get the information they need.


  • Take Workplace Precautions Seriously or Start Working from Home


Working from home is best. This might feel strange in the beginning, but things will start working in some time. To work from home productively, you will have to limit your social contact. Doorstep deliveries are also a great option if you think you cannot work from your home. If things get confusing, ask for recommendations from customers. This will help you in knowing their requirements and serving them better.


  • Find out about assistance from the Local Government


Concerned medical authorities in the country and putting in their best in containing the deadly virus. Even the financial authorities are working towards placing measures that can help in easing the economic influence of the pandemic. They are introducing unsecured business loans and other related schemes to help small businesses and their employees. Sick pay, reduced business rates, grants, and loans have been put in place for safeguarding the financial interests of the small businesses. These grants and schemes also help the employees of these businesses financially. So, it will work for you to know more about such loans.


  • Put up an Online Store


The process is quite simple. You need to start selling your goods and services online. This will be your extra source of income even when things and situations are under control. You can get into doorstep deliveries so there will always be proper communication between you and your customers. It is also one of the best ways of helping vulnerable individuals in the community get services they require.


  • Use Your Website for Getting Donations


Small businesses are crucial for communities. So, adding a donation button on your business site might bring you some funds. You can use these funds for supporting your business at present.


  • Be Active on the Social Media Platforms


This is your only way of telling your customers that you are still there. Try using different social media podiums like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for promoting your products and services and interacting with your clients.


If you are a small business owner wondering what you need to do, follow the steps above, and it will surely help.

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