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Business Ideas For Women In India

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May 30, 2023
Business Ideas for Women in India

Women have always been considered a source of power in Indian society. Entrepreneurship isn’t just limited to men in India. The government has also shown a keen interest in businesswomen and is encouraging business loans for women with low-interest rates to help more women ride the tide of the nation’s growing entrepreneurial market.

As per a recent study by Startup India Labs, around 10% of unicorns in India are led by businesswomen, namely Sugar, Nykaa, and so on. The government has launched various schemes to help women start businesses, like Bharathiya Mahila Bank, which grants MSME business loans up to Rs. 1 crore without any collateral for women. NITI Aayog even supports women with its Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP) initiative, where they sponsor various business plans through acceleration and incubation.

When it comes to business ideas for women, there are numerous key business areas where they can focus and initiate a business in the Indian market. Some of them are fashion, lifestyle, communication, content marketing, education, healthcare, or companies with their own ideas.

Women are a lot more passionate by nature, and they can utilise their skills likewise through work-from-home opportunities as well as through digitization. Moreover, COVID taught us that having a skill and a source of income is equally important for every woman, just like men.

Women with no job experience due to family issues can also come up with startup ideas or start their careers without financial hindrances due to the comfort of online business loans and MSME business loans without any mortgage.

Effective Business Ideas for Women

1. Fashion and Clothing

Women have a deep sense of fashion, which can be used as a business idea as women care about their dressing style, which naturally develops a keen knowledge about various fabrics, colours, materials, and so on. Women can start their own clothing houses, as well as a boutique.

Garments Store: Women can open their own garment store with the help of MSME business loans, which help women-based startups and businesses. Here are business ideas in fashion and clothing women can explore:

2. Boutiques

Women’s wear and accessories like lehenga, suits, and Kurti are always in demand. Since women collaborate well on such factors, they can also use their designing skills to open up their boutiques with the help of business loans for women and fulfill their dreams.

3. Fashion Designing

Lately, fashion design courses are also very popular, and women can easily pursue these courses. At the same time, various places offer internships that are stipend-based, and education loans are always available to them. Once a woman is equipped with the technicalities of fashion designing, she can foray into a business with her unique take on the matter. There are ample successful fashion houses led by women which are very popular today.

4. Online Store

Social media and the internet have made it easy to establish a business online, and online business loans for women also contribute to women-led startups with less cost and capital. Women can start an online business where they can work from home and initiate a business from their own house. Some excellent online business ideas for women are handmade jewellery; handmade pickles, snacks, and other foods; natural skincare range; cloud kitchens; software and other technical services via own website; online language classes via own website; bakery via own website and so on…

5. Event Management

Women have always been known for their management skills because of their ability to perform multiple tasks at the same time. Think of how your mom and grandmother would arrange for those elaborate family get-togethers and festivals! Women can ace the management sector and take the opportunity forward to organise corporate parties, wedding events, functions, birthday parties, college events, and so on, and showcase their talent.

MSME business loans for women also contribute to education-based loans for formal event management training. Once an event management course or certification is completed, women can choose to be event coordinators, where they can lead projects based on their capability and skill and manage the occasions and demands of the client. Some business options in the event management category are:

6. Event Specialist

After gaining experience in this sector, one can also become an event specialist. It is a great opportunity to explore new places and events and create their own company.

7. Social Media Manager

One of the most demanding and well-paid business ideas can be social media management, where women can handle profiles of various people and establish a brand name.

8. Food and Bakery

One of the most relishing ideas for home bakers or women with a passion for baking and cooking can be to start their own bakery. Women can start an online bakery business, plan to open a retail store, and manage both:

9. Online Bakery

Online bakery businesses can save a lot of expense due to less cost of capital and labor employed as well as avoid wastage of food as they can start with customized and made-to-order only. 

10. Tiffin Service

Many young students and working men or professionals need to learn cooking or don’t get time to cook due to their schedules. This is where home-makers, passionate chefs, and cooks hop in and gather a market with their cooking skills. Business loans for women are also available in these places, which helps to encourage such ideas, and these businesses are here to stay as food is a basic necessity.

11. Online Cooking Classes

Indian cuisine is loved and appreciated worldwide. If you have culinary skills and a passion for cooking, consider offering online cooking classes. Teach traditional Indian recipes, regional specialties, or even fusion cooking. You can conduct live classes, create pre-recorded video tutorials, or host interactive cooking workshops through video conferencing platforms.

12. Home-Based Catering

Indian cuisine is renowned for its flavors and diversity. If you have a passion for cooking and hosting gatherings, start a home-based catering business. Offer specialized menus for weddings, parties, corporate events, or even daily meals. Emphasize the use of fresh, local ingredients and create a niche by showcasing regional delicacies or unique fusion dishes

13. Freelancing 

Freelancing is one of the best opportunities for women because it lets you sit at home and generate income by selling and showcasing your skills by creating a brand name. Here are some niches to freelance:

14. Blogging

Blogging is a great way to showcase your knowledge in your field of interest and earn simultaneously. Women are very creative; this is an excellent way to choose your own time and write whenever you get time. Women can write blogs about cooking, post food recipes, talk about fashion, and beauty, post-make-up reviews, tips on childcare, travel blogs, and much more.

15. Content Writing

Every company running an online business needs content for their websites, branding, promotion, and social media. It is a very promising and enriching sector that is here to stay and women can explore if writing and creating content is their cup of tea!

16. SEO

Only writing isn’t enough. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is equally important. This is where women can use their skills to manage companies’ websites and work as SEO experts, which is a very demanding role for businesses.

17. Digital Marketer-

One of the most demanding businesses and positions in the market is that of a digital marketer who can plan and market company goals through their expertise and skills. Web development and content creation are key roles that can be easily learned through online courses.

Women love decorating and designing things, which are no less than a skill if taken to a professional level. There are various courses in the market, which include diploma courses and post-graduation courses or certified courses that teach designing skills in areas like interior design, graphic and UI design, and so on. Business loans for women also guarantee interest-free loans or low-cost loans in these sectors to sponsor women-led businesses and startup plans.

18. Graphic Designing

Every company needs web developers and graphic and UI designers to manage their websites and various sales and promotional activities. Although the cost of such courses is high, they can be learned in short durations, and job placements are also available by which online business loans for women facilities can be availed. Installments can be paid with profits as well.

19. Tutoring and life coaching

Online tuition and offline coaching centres or home-based tuition centres are always ways for women to start a business, manage their household chores, generate earnings, and gain respect and confidence. Here are some businesses in teaching and coaching women can explore:


Women are intelligent and can make healthy relations with children, which can help them grow in this sector and provide tuition per their specialised subjects, be it Science, English, Mathematics, and so on. Online tuition can help them cater to a wider audience, use less energy, and build a strong network across India, with no cost of capital involved.

Life Coach:

Women have a strong mindset and convincing power, which they can use to mentor and guide people with dilemmas or those seeking guidance. 

20. Business Consulting:

Leverage your industry experience and knowledge by offering business consulting services. As a consultant, you can provide valuable insights and guidance to startups and established businesses. Identify their pain points, develop effective strategies, and help them optimize their operations for success.

21. Eco-Friendly Products:

The demand for sustainable and eco-friendly products is on the rise. Start a business that focuses on offering environmentally friendly alternatives, such as biodegradable packaging, organic skincare, or reusable household items. Educate consumers about the benefits of eco-conscious choices and make a positive impact on the planet.

22. Handmade Crafts and Artwork:

India is known for its rich heritage of arts and crafts. Tap into this market by creating and selling handmade crafts and artwork. Whether it’s traditional handicrafts, paintings, jewelry, or textiles, there is a global market interested in authentic Indian products. Leverage e-commerce platforms or participate in local exhibitions to showcase and sell your creations.

23. Customized Gift Baskets:

Gift-giving is a significant part of Indian culture, and personalized gift baskets can be a unique and thoughtful option. Create customized gift baskets for various occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, or corporate events. Offer a wide range of products, including gourmet treats, spa products, handmade items, and personalized accessories, to cater to different preferences.

24. Home Decor and Interior Styling:

India is known for its rich and diverse art forms, and home decor is a thriving industry. If you have a passion for interior design and a good eye for aesthetics, start a home decor and interior styling business. Curate and sell unique home decor items, offer interior design consultancy, or provide full-service home makeover solutions.

25. Online Handmade Jewelry Store:

Handmade jewelry has a special allure and is widely appreciated in India. If you have a knack for jewelry-making and a flair for design, consider starting an online store to sell your creations. Focus on unique and handcrafted pieces, incorporating traditional Indian techniques or contemporary designs. Leverage social media platforms to showcase your jewelry and reach a wider audience.

26. Virtual Assistant Services:

With remote work becoming more prevalent, the demand for virtual assistants is growing. If you have excellent organizational and administrative skills, offer virtual assistant services to entrepreneurs and busy professionals. Manage their schedules, handle email correspondence, and provide support to help them streamline their business operations.

27. Handmade Natural Beauty Products:

India has a rich tradition of natural beauty remedies. If you have a passion for skincare and natural ingredients, consider creating your own line of handmade natural beauty products. This can include items like soaps, body butters, facial masks, or herbal remedies. Emphasize the use of organic and sustainable ingredients to attract eco-conscious customers.

3 Powerful Reasons Why More Women Are Succeeding in the Business Scene

Women have lately proved to be better entrepreneurs through their skills of being more challenging and vocal with leadership skills and owning teams under them. Online business is another boon for women because they can run their businesses from the comfort of their homes through online business loans and manage their house and passion together.

Here are three powerful reasons why more women are needed in India’s business domain:

Leadership skills

Women are proven to be more active in leading teams and effectively handling situations without panicking than men, who sometimes get impulsive. Strong leadership skills are an unputdownable ingredient in successful businesses, and women seem to have an edge in this regard in most cases.

Time management and multitasking

Women have an inborn talent for managing things effectively within time constraints because they believe in planning before implementing them. Women’s businesses and startups are proven to generate more revenues within a limited time due to their timely decision-making ability to make things big.

Women are emotionally stronger and more ambitious

Women are more ambitious, which helps them get stronger with their instincts and make strategic decisions. The best quality of women-run businesses is their ability to take calculated risks. MSME business loans have made it easier for them to take risks where they might not earn a profit but will never take losses in hand. 

Final Takeaway

As they say: this is the century of women. Women are here to rule the world with their ambition and passion, shoulder-to-shoulder with men. There is nothing women can’t do or do better than men. Government initiatives and MSME business loans for women have made it lucrative for women to come forward and start their businesses in India. Women have the potential to create unicorn companies and disrupt the Indian market with their passion and dedication.

Women are often considered to stay bound by societal norms and aren’t given opportunities in terms of mental or financial support to grow and become independent. However, Flexi Loans are here to help every woman pursue her dreams. It is seen that women-led startups generate a 35% higher ROI compared to men-led startups, which proves their dedication and active mindset.

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