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Which Business Is Best to Start in Gujarat: 20 Ideas for Lucrative Businesses

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Oct 22, 2021
Which Business Is Best to Start in Gujarat: 24 Ideas for Lucrative Businesses

Gujarat is the third-largest source of India’s GDP, with a population of around 60 million people. It’s no wonder then that it boasts a succession of booming marketplaces and companies that provide ample opportunity for several new initiatives and start-ups to further boost its profitability and stature.

Gujarat has a strong growth rate in farming, industrial service, and, most significantly, new companies. Its excellent road network and access to a vast platform of transportation, communication, and cutting-edge technology are the main factors for this prosperity.

Gujaratis are well-known as businesspeople, having founded some of India’s largest enterprises. Several small business opportunities may be launched virtually immediately with minimal investment. These are quite lucrative and also relatively simple. We’ve compiled a list of the best new business ideas in Gujarat.

20 Ideas for Starting a Business in Gujarat

Arts and Crafts

Considering Gujarat’s archaeological heritage, this might be one of the best business ideas in Gujarat to begin with. There are several temples and tourist attractions that attract many international and local travelers each year. Making and selling something by hand can be a more effective way to build a long-term objective.

Fertilizer and Chemical Production

India is a major agricultural powerhouse. Almost every state in India grows a variety of crops. Gujarat is no exception. Investing in a firm that benefits India’s backbone industry, agriculture, is always a wise decision. Begin with this Gujarat business idea and a collateral free business loan, and watch how quickly your work changes.

Godown for Raw Textiles

This is another segment of a company that will never age. You may create any type of raw material for the garment business, and it will boom in the same way textile manufacturing usually does. If you’re looking for a simple small business idea in Gujarat that you can ideally start with an online business loan, this might be one of them.

Manufacturing Paper and Printing

Printing papers and other everyday necessities will always be a top priority for all types of businesses. You can apply for a business loan, start a printing firm that works with papers and clothing, and establish your venture as one of Gujarat’s best new business ideas with low investment. People will purchase your goods and simultaneously learn how to start and build a business from the beginning.

Manufacturing Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly, more generally referred to as Vaseline, has a variety of uses. Establishing a firm in this industry will undoubtedly develop, and you will discover a path to more profit. With this concept in mind, you may begin a more extensive production by starting this small business idea in Ahmedabad.

Manufacturing Jeans

India is a significant consumer of jeans or American denim. So, if you know there’s a good market of people of all ages and genders who are gravitating toward this style, then this is one of the surest, most genuine business ideas in Ahmedabad. Begin at the neighborhood level with a small business loan for your business and expand your business to a larger market.

Mobile Car Wash

If you have small investment and want to establish a profitable business, the mobile vehicle washing industry may be one of the best Gujarat business ideas for you. The public needs this service, which has benefited the Indian economy since its inception. If you begin in your local state, you may also contribute to the larger economy of the entire country.

Food Stores and Manufacturing

Food establishments will never go out of vogue. You will require nourishment regardless of where you are or what you are doing. And when it comes to authenticity and genuine cuisine, you must include some root, trademark recipes. Once you’ve established your culinary establishment, you may provide cuisine reflective of your culture, which will be well received. Your company concept would position itself as the finest in Gujarat.

Papad Production

It is a highly popular dish accompaniment and is frequently consumed as a small snack. Gujarat is renowned for its culinary ingredients, and preparing papad with genuine dal and grinning would astound anybody. Foreign visitors like this and are constantly on the lookout for regional cuisine. It is one of the finest small-scale business ideas in Gujarat that you can start (perhaps with a small MSME business loan) and then elevate to the sky.


Establishing your book shop is not necessarily prohibitively expensive. While it may appear as though you’ll need to invest in a large number of books and locations, you may start this company using your old books. A book lover will always find it perfect. This is undoubtedly one of the many lucrative ideas for a low investment business in Gujarat. If you have a sizable book collection, you may begin immediately.

Fashion Design Studio

Gujarat is known for its vibrant culture and customs, which result in a wide array of designs. If you observe the state’s dressing sensibilities, you will notice the exquisite color and spark in the tradition. These all stem from education. You may create an institution that teaches students about the design process. This is an excellent beginning point, and if executed well, it has the potential to be a timeless idea for a business in Gujarat.

Production of Salt

Gujarat has India’s longest coastline and ample resources for establishing a salt business. Collecting the appropriate quantities and components from the sea may jumpstart your new business and help you earn a profit as well.

Shop for Gems and Stones

As previously said, Gujarat is endowed with an extensive coastal line, from which you may gather or source some unique and exquisite stones and jewels. Sell them for a profit, and you may take your business to the next level. As an entrepreneur, you must be willing to put in some effort. And we are all aware that effort always pays off!

Agrochemical Industry Business

Cotton is the state’s primary crop, accounting for nearly ten million hectares of the state’s 19 million hectares. Agriculture-related goods, equipment, machinery, seeds, fertilizers, and agrochemicals are in high demand and face fierce competition.

To capture the attention of buyers, items must be well-trademarked and well-marketed. A firm will require substantial infrastructure; an in-depth understanding of the market and client requirements; processing, sales, and marketing divisions; and consultation and educational facilities. With a comprehensive upgrading and upgrade of the agrochemical technology industry, this business sector is expanding, and you can seize the opportunity.

Gujarati Snacks

Gujarati snacks are pretty popular in India. If you can manufacture them, you can undoubtedly start a snack company. Additionally, if you can create these delectable treats, you may earn a significant profit.

Tiffin Delivery Service

There are several industries in the state, so offering tiffin service to busy officials may be one of the greatest small business ideas in Gujarat.

The start-up stage of this operation is not difficult. You can apply for an unsecured business loan online and advertise your business online and offline by distributing brochures and using social media. The primary issue for this firm is to maintain a manageable delivery schedule and, of course, flavor and quality.

You have two delivery options: one is to bring the tiffin directly to the client’s house, and the other is to approach the customer and arrange for the tiffin to be collected at your company site. After your tiffin services firm has grown enough, you can expand into the catering sector as well, as you will have gained sufficient expertise in this field.


This is a region where a large number of people like gardening. You may open your nursery and offer a variety of plants and accessories. This is also one of the top business ideas in Gujarat.

Pickles and Jams

If you know how to produce delicious pickles and jewels from roots, you may start a pickle company in Gujarat, where people are accustomed to eating pickles with their meals daily. As a result, it may be one of the greatest manufacturing businesses in Gujarat for you to establish.

Animal Care

It is one of the greatest business options available to animal lovers. You can start a pet care business in your region to care for other people’s pets if their owners cannot do so.

Scented Candles

If you wish to establish a manufacturing business in Gujarat, you can open your fragrant candle production facility. At the moment, it is an excellent item to sell everywhere if you have the capital with a loan for your new business.


Gujarat is a constitutional monarchy and one of the top states in terms of social capital. Additionally, it boasts one of India’s lowest unemployment rates. You just need to exercise caution about your financial availability and expenditures, creditworthiness with your MSME or business loans, social responsibility, and devotion to your consumers while prioritizing. If properly investigated and focused on, the Gujarat market may be a gift in so many ways, and an entrepreneur can gain from a plethora of potential options in Gujarat’s marketplaces.

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