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Business Ideas in Jaipur

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Feb 16, 2022
Business Ideas in Jaipur

The “Pink City” of India is a popular tourist destination. But more than that, it’s a state with a Net State Domestic Profit (NSDP) of ₹44335 crores.
Such an increasing domestic profit isn’t from tourism alone. Rajasthan is a hotspot of some of the most popular places in the country, including Jaipur and Jodhpur, and is a place for thriving businesses in the state. With such an efficient business environment, there are a lot of upcoming entrepreneurs that would want to execute their business ideas in Jaipur and other places. And if you are one of these entrepreneurs, we have some of the best small business ideas in Jaipur.

7 Business Ideas in Jaipur

Here are some new business ideas in Jaipur that you can check out if you are looking to start a business in the city.

A sweet outlet

Opening a sweet outlet might not be exclusively one of the new business ideas in Jaipur; it still is one of the best businesses to start on a small investment. Not just Jaipur, but when the entire state has a sweet tooth, you just can’t go wrong with providing the many varieties of Rajasthani sweet dishes. Your outlet could be anything, right from a sweet shop to a restaurant that serves all kinds of traditional food. And while the competition could be tougher than you’d expect, your quality is what would be the most discernible.

Textile Business

With the textile industry accounting for almost 22% of the state’s economy, the textile business is not one of the newest business ideas in Jaipur, but it still is a big industry with plenty of opportunities.

Jaipur has always had a stronghold on the textile industry, with people flocking in from all parts of the country.
Investing in this business comes with its pros and cons. While the competition is tougher, there are still tourists that are ready to pay a good amount for original, quality textiles.

If you are considering stepping into this industry, you’d want to step into handcrafted clothing and not be limited to just a single type of textiles. You can also offer your quality and material in different kinds of textiles.

Automobile Service Station

Not just in Rajasthan, but the automobile section is growing exponentially throughout India. With this growing number of personal and commercial vehicle ownership, the repair work has a market of its own.

Starting a full-scale automobile service center can be at the top of the list of business ideas in Jaipur. The best part is that starting an automobile service station could also be initiated with a modest investment.

All you need is the knowledge and the workforce to keep your automobile service station functional. Once established, this kind of business could garner a lot of attention and clientele.

Lodgings and Inns

Not everybody can afford expensive hotels and accommodations. That’s where affordable inns and lodgings come into play. While hotels are popular accommodation places for tourists across any state, lodgings are inns serve their very own purpose.

Staying in such places also acquaints the people with the traditional and cultural values of the place. These areas are also a great attraction for many adventure and culture seekers.

Lodgings are included in the list of small business ideas in Jaipur as the capital required to open them up is lower than any hotel. Such accommodations could also be very profitable in a short time, depending on the location and accessibility.

Art and Craft Shop

Jaipur is a city that is the hub of all art and craft prepared in Rajasthan. Tourists from all across the world are constantly looking for souvenirs to take back with them to their home countries. The same goes for people from different states who visit Jaipur.

Therefore, a small arts and crafts hop would be the perfect investment. It could hold all kinds of trinkets such as toys, books, paintings, small sculptures, jewelry, postcards, and many more.

You can also double down by starting one-shot classes that give customers the experience of creating the crafts themselves. It would increase the value of the crafts produced in your store and give you an advantage.

Detergent Manufacturing

Detergent is a commodity that will always be required by the majority of citizens of the world. Rajasthan has 90% of our country’s mineral reserves, making it India’s second-biggest mineral-producing state.

Detergent is a product that does not require much chemical knowledge or intricate processes. It mostly involves mixing various minerals to get the final product.

The mineral supply of the place combined with the simplicity of the product can help you have a very competitive standing without putting in much effort. On top of that, Jaipur is located at one of the major trading hubs of India. It has excellent trading networks all across the country, which can also help you in the future.


With millions of tourists exploring Jaipur every year, photography is in high demand all the time. Good photographers are always required at all important places and functions. You can start a small business that supplies photographers for covering functions, trips, romantic getaways, tours – anything that may have memories worth capturing.

Furthermore, good scenic photographs of landmarks, or local flora and fauna, can be printed on cards to create gift cards and postcards sold at other shops. But keep in mind that some editing skills might come in handy while enhancing your photographs.


Jaipur is a city rife with opportunities. It is situated at a place where it has a significant advantage in terms of location, transport network, raw material supply, and so on. Starting a small business isn’t that hard when you have a full-fledged business plan and a vision to execute your plan.

With a place full of opportunities like Jaipur, it is not difficult to execute your business ideas in Jaipur. All that is required is a cool head, prudent management of time and resources, and a will to have a successful business.

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