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Business Ideas in Pune With Low Investment

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Feb 25, 2022
business ideas in Pune

Pune is a city with myriad opportunities for starting a new business. It is also known as an IT hub in line with the silicon city of India. Moreover, it is India’s top automobile manufacturing hub and is also an educational epicentre popularly known as the Oxford of the East. With such diversity in every sphere, there are a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs to set up their businesses in Pune.

The city is potentially lucrative for small businesses, and there are many business ideas in Pune for you to set up a steady revenue-generating business module. With IT companies, real estate and automotive industries in the city, expositions, business events, client meetings, and exhibitions are integral for trading with stakeholders. This gives room for small businesses to flourish in partnership with such conglomerates.

How can you set up your business ideas in Pune with low investment?

If you have good financial backing with a potential business idea that will significantly change the small and medium businesses market you would enter, consider this option. You should use a little investment first to see the response and then gradually scale it up. It is essential first to test the waters and get first-hand exposure to the market dynamics. It helps you improve your services and gives you the right strategy to manoeuvre through changes and sustain fewer losses in the initial days. The same logic goes for someone with fewer finances.

The only difference here would be to take the right loan for business and the right amount of loan from the right place. There are different types of loans in the market. Each serves a different purpose: business loan, MSME loan, collateral-free loan, unsecured business loan, mudra loan, SME business loans, etc. It would be wise for you to do some independent research and see which type of loan is the best for your current business needs. You will have to consider the business loan interest rates and how to get a business loan in India. Once you consider some of these crucial nuances, you are all set to launch your business in Pune.

So, if you are looking for ways to set up business ideas in Pune with low investment, here are some new business ideas in Pune for you to capitalise on.

List of top Small Business Ideas in Pune

Technical support services

Being an IT hub, the IT companies in Pune require instant and constant hardware and software support. Setting up a technical support and assistance services business is very lucrative since you can quickly get clients after setting up your business. In the beginning, you can start with a small investment, and as you grow your business and get a solid client base, you can use SME business loans to expand your business across the city.

Bike and car rental services

With its good weather and proximity to scenic locations such as Lonavala and Khadakwasla, Pune attracts a lot of tourists. Renting a bike and car is usually something that helps tourists to visit such places at their convenience. This is a great area to set up a business. With the help of a collateral-free business loan or unsecured business loan, you can easily set up such a business in Pune.

Real estate or architectural firm

Pune, in recent years, has become the top real estate investment city. Due to its calm and soothing weather all year round, it has caught the eye of many real estate developers and homebuyers. The real estate business offers big profit margins which can cover your business loans or MSME loans in the long run. You can even consider opening an architectural firm with tie-ups with real estate developers in auditing and designing the final project plan. Such business ideas in Pune with low investment can yield higher returns in the long run.

Real estate broker

Suppose you do not want to be a real estate developer or have no expertise in architectural nuances. In that case, you can still set up a real estate business by becoming a real estate broker. Being a real estate broker is great in Pune since it has many renowned colleges and corporate sectors that attract talent from India. That being said, accommodation is necessary for every individual who comes to Pune for work or study. So, as a real estate broker, you can get a lot of clients if you set shop near a residential area in proximity to a college or a corporate industrial area.

Cloud kitchen

This is a growing concept in Pune with the flourishing home delivery system. This new business idea in Pune of starting a food joint with only deliveries requires a lower investment than a full-fledged restaurant. Partnering with food delivery services like Swiggy and Zomato will give your cloud kitchen the required boost needed to generate revenue and cover your online business loans.

Electronics repairing shop

Electronics such as laptops and mobile phones are now necessary for every household. So, it is only natural that setting up a small business idea in Pune of electronic repairing will be profitable. Setting up an electronics repairing shop offering maintenance and servicing of old electrical appliances along with repairing any damage to any electronic equipment is one of the best business ideas in Pune with low investment.


Opening up a playschool can be a worthwhile investment in Pune since many families have working parents. Hence, reliable daycare is a necessity for parents to provide for their child’s overall nurturing and sound moral and linguistic education early on.

Medical stores or path labs

Running a medical store is an evergreen business with guaranteed revenue. You can embellish it by providing value-added services such as doctor’s chambers and testing facilities. Furthermore, you can offer doorstep delivery of medicines and sample collection to cater to the needs of every customer.

If you are looking to get started with their small business ideas in Pune and want to approach the right financial institution to raise funds, opt for FlexiLoans. FlexiLoans is an NBFC that provides business loans to all SMEs & MSMEs pan-India. We cater to every need of our loan applicants and help them set up their business loan interest rates.

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