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Small Business Ideas in Punjab

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Mar 02, 2022
Small Business Ideas in Punjab

Earlier, Punjab was known as the “Food Bowl of India” due to its abundance of agricultural products. Slowly, the image is getting replaced with its youth turning to entrepreneurship, transforming the state’s business landscape.

In this blog, we have tried to discuss some of the new business ideas in Punjab or the Best Business ideas in Punjab. In addition, Punjab is one of those only states that offers easy procedures and financial assistance to anyone who wants to start a start-up.
Let’s turn our attention to the most feasible business ideas in Punjab:

Small Business ideas in Punjab

If you are someone keen on starting a business, these are the ones that can easily started-off in Punjab:

Travel Agency

On average, Punjab receives many tourists over the year. Many of these tourists prefer hiring a travel agent to manage their itinerary and help them with local travel. This makes opening a travel agency one of the profitable businesses in Punjab.
In addition, the Punjabi diaspora is spread worldwide, and religious tourism is high on their agenda. Every Punjabi residing outside seeks to visit holy places like the Golden temple at least once a year. And for this, they will always prefer to go through a local travel agency. Hence, it makes sense for young Punjabis to consider starting a travel business. This is one of the small business ideas in Punjab.

Homestay Services

Many travelers who want to visit Punjab always prefer to taste the Punjabi flavour of life. This makes them prefer local homestays to hotels, which gives them an authentic feel of how the locals live. They not only experience local life but also get the chance to indulge in Punjab’s rich traditions. So, if you are someone with a large house with spare rooms, you can start a homestay business. You can get your property listed on Airbnb, makemytrip.com and other rental sites like these to make the most of the opportunity. This is one of the best business ideas in Punjab.

Bakery Business

Punjab boasts India’s most fertile arable lands, and the state is high up there on wheat production. The locals are especially quite fond of eating sumptuous amounts of good food during special occasions like festivals, marriage, and other get-togethers. This makes it imperative that starting a bakery business is a sure way to succeed. A bakery can be started both at the wholesale or retail level for good profits. Cakes, bread, pastries, and other such items can either be directly sold to the consumer or retail stores. This is one of the new business ideas in Punjab.

Agro Business

Agriculture still continues to be a mainstay of the Punjab economy due to the five rivers that flow through the state and the fertile soil with rich ingredients. Hence anything to do with agriculture has a good chance of succeeding:

  • Dairy Products: One can start a dairy business by raising buffalos, cows, goats, and sheep. Since the locals are known to consume milk and dairy products in copious amounts. A dairy venture when well managed is not likely to fail at any cost
  • Live Stock Feed Production: Most of the farmers in Punjab are aligned to mixed farming where there is a combination of crops and domestic animals. In such a case, there is a huge demand for livestock feed among farmers all over Punjab, it can be a good idea to manufacture and retail livestock feed with a medium amount of investment. This is one of the best business ideas in Punjab.

Food Delivery and Catering

Punjabis are known to be big on food and are traditionally considered big foodies. Any food business, when done well, is likely to succeed here. For starters, you can start from your home, and gradually get listed on Swiggy and Zomato. The idea is not investment-heavy, and home kitchens are more convenient due to authentic taste, safety and hygiene. As you make good progress in the business, you can slowly switch to delivering larger orders by converting your business into catering. This is one of the low investment business ideas in Punjab.

Wedding Planners

Punjab is known to be a popular location for destination weddings due to the natural beauty it offers. However, most families tend to hire a wedding planner instead of doing it by themselves. Although a lucrative business option, it is a daunting exercise to pull off a wedding given the gamut of arrangements that need to be made including food, décor, guests, music, invitation, venue, and event photography. Since it is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, the family will never expect anything less than the best. If you are keen on becoming a wedding planner, it is suggested to start with low-cost weddings and then with some experience venture into the world of traditional big fat weddings. This is one of the best business ideas in Punjab.

Apparel Business

Punjab is one of the major producers of cotton and there is certainly scope for opening a garments and textile business. To begin with, you can start buying apparel in bulk and start supplying them to retail stores. Or you could set up your own boutique or retail store to get a better margin on the product. With a good marketing strategy, it is one of those few businesses that can succeed with low investment. Presently, customers are keen on buying matching accessories with apparel which multiplies the scope of business. This is one of the new business ideas in Punjab.


Currently, students are always on the lookout for guides and mentors who can help them succeed with their studies. You can start this business with minimum investment by just putting up a board outside your house or by networking with your family and friends. This is one of those businesses that need minimum investment. This is one of the low investment business ideas in Punjab.

Final Thoughts

Due to the geographic location and the demography of Punjab, there is solid scope for starting small businesses. Before venturing into anything, it would be imperative to do the necessary research and study to understand the market and demand for the product or service you will offer. The state has good communication, transport, and other infrastructural facilities to make any well-planned business succeed. All small business ideas in Punjab are likely to be low investment business ideas in Punjab.

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