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Top 10 Part-Time Business Ideas

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Jul 20, 2021
Top 10 Part-Time Business Ideas

Who doesn’t like to earn some extra moolah? Everyone would love to have some extra cash to fulfill their needs. However, our mainstream jobs aren’t always adequate. Therefore, if you want to have a side income or a backup job before working full time, a part-time job will help you kill two birds with one stone.

Although part-time jobs are great for financial independence, some may not give you the flexibility to work along with a full-time job. Here are 10 part-time business ideas that can be started quickly with low or no investment in India. These 10 curated part-time business ideas can be grown into a full-time job or remain as a part-time hustle, according to your preferences.

Part-time business ideas in India

1. Customized gifting

Who doesn’t love showering their loved ones with gifts, especially if they are with a super-personal touch? Therefore, a customized gifting business has made it to the list of top 10 part-time business ideas. Mundane, overrated gifts like photo frames and chocolates are old-school now. Customized gift boxes and personalized gifting have become an eye-grabbing trend these days.

This is one of the best part-time business ideas even alongside a full-time job. All you need to start this business is skill and creativity that resonates with current trends, and economical raw materials that can be bought in bulk.

You can experiment with various products when it comes to gift customization. From customizing gift baskets to photo frames with digital artwork, from helping a customer with gifting options to writing handwritten notes for the receiver. The variety of products and experiences you can impact are countless.

2. Grooming services

Grooming services are not new in India. Beauty parlors, salons, and makeup studios have been considered a full-time career for a long time. However, the grooming business can also be taken up as a side hustle.

There are many options to explore in this business segment, such as skincare treatments, hairstyling, makeup, etc. For starting this business, you don’t necessarily have to rent out a place. This business can be run in a room from your own house. If you possess the skill to provide excellent services and the right products to start, your business will see massive growth.

If you lack customers, use the most inexpensive mode of advertisement: social media. Share enticing images with catchy descriptions and your location to attract customers from near and far. You can also use your clients’ opinions and feedback to build credibility with testimonials.

Getting a significant amount for starting a huge business in India is common but getting a minor business loan to start any micro or small business is difficult. In case you are facing similar issues, Flexiloans is the go-to place for you as they provide business loans for MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises), which can be a savior for any budding entrepreneur.

3. Freelance photography

With advanced technology and high-quality camera-equipped smartphones, everyone has gained the independence of being creative. Having a professional camera along with excellent photography skills is the icing on the cake.

Professional photography is a great way to turn your hobby into a part-time job. This is perfect if you don’t like desk jobs, as clients usually demand outdoor photoshoots. Nonetheless, your room can also be transformed into a studio for family, baby and pet photoshoots, etc.

Event photography is also an option you can consider as a freelance photographer. Although this demands time and patience, events such as weddings, engagements, and baby showers can pay a lump sum.

Since photography is also a type of freelance business, you can choose your work timings. You can accept or reject a client according to your convenience. You can also click pictures and upload them on photo-renting platforms like Shutterstock and gain a passive income.

4. Freelance writing

Freelance writing is also one of the best part-time business ideas right now. Monetizing your passion was never this interesting. A vast part of India’s population has a penchant for reading and writing content. Therefore, they also have a huge potential to monetize this side hustle. If you belong to this category of readers and writers, freelance writing services are among the best part-time business ideas in India for beginners who need some extra income.

With digital marketing thriving, businesses are seeking more content writers to write for their business blogs to gain organic traffic and audience. If you have a good command of grammar, English, and SEO, look no further than freelance writing.

5. Baking business

Many homemakers out there possess great cooking and baking skills but still don’t monetize them. For them, baking could be one of the most flexible part-time jobs if they are looking for a well-paying side hustle. The baking business is so flexible that it can be run from home itself by anyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a student, a homemaker, or someone with a baking hobby.

There is a lot of demand for handmade cookies, cakes, and biscuits nowadays since people are increasingly preferring healthy, preservative-free food products. All you then need to be a professional part-time baker is the essential equipment: an oven, baking tins, trays, butter paper, etc.
In case you already possess the equipment, your investment costs come down even further. However, if you don’t and are wondering how to afford it, check out FlexiLoans for financial assistance. Their SME business loans can help you kickstart your small business. If you are a woman, even better, as FlexiLoans provide special business loans for women as well.

6. Handicrafts business

With the growth in social media, small handicraft businesses have also picked up speed as a popular part-time business idea. Several Instagram pages nowadays sell personalized, handcrafted items. Decor pieces, crockery items, paintings, handmade jewelry: all come under the handicraft business.

Social media like Facebook and Instagram have thus provided an excellent platform for creative people who can create aesthetic craft items. Apart from providing a platform for small sellers, these also increase the reach of the buyers, therefore giving them an option to shop from any part of the country.

Therefore, if you are great at creating handmade jewelry, macrame decor, wall hangings, paintings, or scented candles, easily monetize your hobby and creativity by starting a part-time handicraft business. You can use social media platforms for advertising and increasing your reach to your potential customers. You have to research and find a high-demand product with less competition to kickstart your business.

7. Tutoring services

Tutoring services have always been popular among college students wanting to make some extra cash. The demand for tutoring services has never gone down. Every parent wants their child to do well in studies. Moreover, the pandemic has opened up new ways for providing this service while staying at home. Although tutoring is best done with the physical presence of a tutor and a student, it can consume a lot of time, fuel, and energy, if the tutor has to travel.

Online tutoring thus provides more flexibility than these orthodox methods. There is no traveling, so you can save on both time and money. Tutoring only requires your good command over a subject. Therefore, it makes it to the top 10 part-time business ideas with low investment as well.

8. Social media management

No business can survive in today’s world without a strong online presence. Almost all types of businesses are on social media. From big companies like Zomato to small businesses selling handmade products, businesses of all sizes have social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Thus, there is an increased demand for part-time social media managing gigs that are flexible enough to be done alongside full-time jobs.

The maximum requirement for starting this part-time business is that you must have good knowledge of social media algorithms. You must also keep track of social media trends to create good content for the business and grow engagement. If you spend most of your time on social media, you might be pretty aware of these things too.

9. Web design

Suppose you have completed any computer language courses or done computer science engineering. In that case, providing web designing services is a great way to kickstart your career, part-time and/or full-time!

As said before, every business needs a digital presence nowadays. This means that they also need good-looking websites to sell anything and conduct business. Therefore, a web-designing business is a perfect part-time business idea with low investment. It is high-paying and can be a great point in your resume if you ever take it up full-time.

10. Affiliate marketing

The most popular among social media influencers, affiliate marketing, is our final pick in the top 10 part-time business ideas.

If you have a significant number of followers on social media platforms, affiliate marketing will be a cakewalk. The more followers you have, the better your chances of gaining clients looking to increase their product’s reach.

This is a perfect part-time business idea, as you can accept or reject a company according to your preferences. Affiliate marketing requires you to make content for the company’s product, and in return, you get a significant amount for your effort.

In conclusion

These are some of the best part-time business ideas in India you can start without much hassle if you have the skills or passion for them. In case you want to start a business like handicrafts or a photo studio and need some extra funds, check out FlexiLoans for business loans online. FlexiLoans provides financial assistance to all small and medium enterprises (SMEs) looking for loans for new businesses. This can give you the financial push to pursue your part-time business dreams.

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