Business Loan Interest Rate

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Business loans are capital raised by entrepreneurs to meet running costs, for business expansion, or for procuring equipment. These are generally raised through a plethora of options available for the entrepreneur. Most of the times, the applicants are not aware of the best options available and tend to go for peer to peer lending models that do not offer the best business loan interest rate.

With the rise of new age financial lending institutions that rely on bleeding edge technology to offer custom solutions, the applicants are exposed to a wider variety of capital raising methods which are flexible in terms of repayment schedules, interest rates, and securities if applicable.

Business Loan Interest Rate in India

The business loan interest rate in India is currently among the best in the world with the involvement of government and private lending institutions. This has opened the new age entrepreneurs to a market that is competitive and beneficial. The business loan interest rates are at an all-time low, as the competitive market has now given rise to the concept of clear eligibility calculation, faster application processing time, and dynamic pricing.

Today, the most prominent business loan interest rates are offered in capital raised from unsecured and secured business loans. To summarize, secured business loans are those loans that offer to lend by accepting a commercial or personal asset from the applicant in return for reduced interest rates, longer repayment cycles.

Unsecured Business Loan Interest Rate

Unsecured business loans are those loans that are disbursed without the involvement of any collateral. The applications are scrutinized on the basis of their credit history, repayment attributes and sometimes the credit history of the applicant is considered. The business loan interest rate for these forms of lending involves a higher rate of interest and shorter repayment tenure as the lending institution risks losing capital upon non-payment by the applicant.

Studies have proven it is less than 2% of the total lendings that turn up in the non-payment bin and the financial lending institution is empowered to take the applicant to the court of law.

Eligibility criteria to get the best business loan interest rate

Eligibility Criteria Merchant Cash Advance Line of Credit Invoice Financing Working Capital Loan
Business History duration in months 12 months at least 12 months at least 12 months at least 12 months at least
Annual Business Turnover 12lakhs at least 50 lakhs at least 20 lakh at least 24 lakhs at least
Net Profit At least 3 lakhs at least 5 lakhs & above 5 lakhs & above 3 lakhs at least
Have a Registered POS Device and Accept Card payments Yes
using POS machine for at least 6months Yes
Accept card payments of at least 50,000 INR per month Yes
Supplier/Distributor of large corporate Yes
Valid Invoice/Work order/Purchase Order – At least 1 Lakh Yes

Documents required when applying to land the best business loan interest rate in India:

Documents Required Merchant Cash Advance Line of Credit Invoice Financing Working Capital Loan
All Bank Statements last 6 months Yes Yes Yes Yes
KYC Documents for yourself and your organization Yes Yes Yes Yes
Financial Documents Yes Yes Yes Yes
Shop Establishment Certificate Yes Yes Yes
Partner Information Yes
Invoice Against which you Need Financing Yes

Nature and charges when applying for Business Loan

Nature of Charges Description
Stamp Duty and other statutory charges As per applicable State law
Interest Rate Fees Starting from 1% per month. The interest rate for every loan is determined based on evaluation of business, loan amount, financials and tenure.
Processing Fees Starting from 1%

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How to apply for a business loan with best interest rate at FlexiLoans

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