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gst registration status

GST Application Status

With the goods and service tax aka GST rolling into India from 1st July 2017, there are quite a few terms and terminologies that came into the picture as well. A well furnished large-scale firm can hire accountants and accounting software’s to get through all of this, however, the small and medium scale industries have to figure out everything themselves. In this blog, we’re going to be addressing the ‘Status’ aspect of GST. With GST there are mainly three statuses that a vendor has to face from his application process to the return process.

The three main ones are

    • GST ARN  Status
    • GST Payment Status
  • GST Return Status

We’re going to take you through each of these three statuses and help you through to process.

1. GST ARN Status

Application Reference Number is the number that is generated on the GST portal on the successful submission of your GST registration application. The ARN number can then be used to track the status of your GST registration till your GST certificate and GSTIN is issued by the government. The ARN is a unique number provided for doing any transactions on the GST portal and can also be used for future references during the course of GST. The ARN is the official proof of the GST registration being complete. An email will be sent to you on the mentioned email id in case you do not receive an ARN number after completion of the process.

How to check the application status of the GST ARN

To check the status of your ARN number first you require a few documents for registration.

    • Directors/ Partners list along with proof of address.
    • MOA (Memorandum of Association) / AOA (Articles of Association)/ Partnership Deed
    • Business PAN Card
    • Canceled Cheque
  • Proof of address of the business

Once these documents are submitted along with other details mentioned on the site, the process to check the ARN status is as follows:

    • Click on ‘Existing User Login’ Button
    • Enter ID, Password, and Captcha
    • Click ‘Continue Button’ on the next page
    • Click ‘Saved Application’ on the top tab
  • Application Status will be displayed

Also, your ARN Number Status will be sent to your registered mobile number.

2. GST Payment Status

Now moving onto the payment status in regards to GST. GST payments can either be online through the GST portal or offline through authorized banks. Keeping a track on the GST payment is particularly important for the taxpayer as it helps them keep records of completed transactions.    Before the taxpayer has made his GST payment, he needs to make the GST challan. To make the challan you need to log onto your GST portal > Services > Payments > Create Challan.

The taxpayer will also be intimated regarding the payment status by E-mail or SMS along with being updated on the GST portal system.

The procedure is really easy once you follow the instructions mentioned on the site and follow it step by step.  Once the challan has been created, the taxpayer can now check the status of the payments made.

How to check the payment status

    • Go to the GST portal and access the homepage
    • Click on Services > Payments > Track Payment Status Option
    • Enter your GSTIN in the field mentioned
    • Enter your CPIN
    • In the type characters, enter the characters as seen below
  • Click on Track Status.

Once you click on track status the payment status is displayed. To the right of the screen is the option of ‘View Challan’.

There statuses that can be viewed once you click on the button. They are:

    • Initiated
    • Paid
    • Not Paid
    • Failed
    • Paid at Tax Office
  • Awaiting Bank Confirmation

If the transaction has been successful you can see ‘Paid’ which then gives you the option of viewing your receipt.  You can also download the receipt and keep it in your files for future references.

If the transaction has not been successful then the taxpayers see ‘Not Paid’/ ‘Failed’. The taxpayer can then click on the ‘View Challan’ option and try to make the payment again by following the same procedure of

Select Bank > Agree Terms and Conditions > Make Payment.

3. GST Return Status

GST Return form is a type of form that all taxpayers have to file with the GST Office/ Portal. All registered businesses have to file monthly/quarterly/annually the GST returns based on the type of business they do and the income earned by them. This form is then used to calculate the tax liability the taxpayer has to pay by the tax authorities.

Depending on the type of business and category you fall under there are different forms to be filled. The categories are:

  1. Regular Business
  2. Dealer opting for GST under the composition scheme
  3. Certain Specific Registered Dealers

Based on the category you fall under, the specific forms need to be filled by you for filing your returns.

Once you have filled your returns, there is a procedure to check the status of it which is as follows:

    • Go to the GST portal and access the homepage
    • Click on Services > Returns> Track Return Status Option
    • Go to Return Filing Period
    • Enter the financial year  
  • Click on Search

You can also check your return through your ARN number, the procedure is very similar to the one mentioned above:

  • Go to the GST portal and access the homepage
    • Enter your valid credentials
    • Click on Services > Returns> Track Return Status Option
    • Fill the ARN field
  • Enter the search button

There are a few different status options that can be viewed once you click on the search button, they are as follows:

    • To be Filed: Return due but not filed
    • Submitted but not filed: Return validated but
    • Filed – Valid: Return is filed
  • Filed – Invalid: Return filed but tax is not paid

These are the three major statuses that one should know about and keep checking from time to time to ensure everything runs smoothly and records are maintained. All of the records are also available on the portal itself but it is wise to have a downloaded copy for the taxpayer. While all these processes may seem like a little too much, once you get the hang of it filing your GST returns and checking statuses will be of ease to you!

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