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Guntur is a city in Andhra Pradesh. Guntur is the 3rd most populous city in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The major industrial corridor of Vishakhapatnam-Guntur Industrial Region is very well known in the country. Guntur is known for its tobacco, chili, and cotton and has the largest chili market in Asia. Next, to Mexico Chillies, The Guntur chilies are exported all over the world and are known for quality and spiciest chilies in the world. Guntur is also famous for its outlet business activities such as malls, cinema halls, fertilizers, and Jewelry. Several spinning mills are located on the outskirts of the city of Guntur.

Business Ideas in Guntur

  1. E-commerce export business

Guntur is known for its tobacco, chili and cotton exports, so if you have someone whom you know cultivating these products then you can make use of business opportunities to export chilies or tobacco or cotton clothes. However, there will be competition but if you have a good commission for the farmers then you can succeed in the business. Guntur is also having container terminals for export business.

  1. Grocery Business

You can set up an online super grocery store you can make around 65% to 75% profit in this industry. There is no need to rent a space for the grand supermarket you can do everything online and have only a small storage space. You can do a door delivery and earn a break even in 2 years and start making a profit from the 3rd year.

  1. Baby Care

As there is an acute need for Creche and Babycare and also play school in the area because of the constant demand due to IT companies. You can have some rented space in the form of a flat or house and then with basic facilities and provide the service. You can also develop them in to play school or primary school and give education to the little boys and girls.

  1. Mobile Garments Business

Mobile Garment Business as the name suggests is going to places to places and install a temporary stall in the area for the handlooms and cotton clothes. This will be possible if you have a mobile truck or rent a truck, this is different from permanent stalls in 2 ways, first is you are moving to the place where your customers are available and then second you keep moving to different places. Anyone with the least idea of business in clothes can set up this business. And as you go to the customer place, you yourself play the role of entrepreneur and are very popular with the office goers. This is a lot of fun to run and do the business, however, you need to put a lot of dedication and efforts.

Please apply for a business loan in Guntur region and become a successful business person.

Business Loan in Guntur – Admission criteria

Under the constitution of India, the requirements for starting a business needs some qualifying criteria to be fulfilled. Money is indeed required for starting a business but that alone won’t suffice. There are some qualifying criteria to move forward. For every individual who qualifies as per the details are given below, then those people need not bother about the finance. Yes, FlexiLoans offers a maximum loan amount of 10 million. Therefore understand the basic requirement to know whether you qualify for a business loan in Guntur.

  • Age between 21 and 65 is the admissible age to apply for a loan.
  • Familiarity about the Indian tax policy is a must and must have gone through the tax filing process in the previous year as well as hold a PAN card.
  • Your proposed business must make a minimum return of 2 lakhs per year.

Documents required for a business loan in Guntur

After understanding the basic requirement for getting a business loan you must agree that this will not be enough for the lender to offer your loan. Confirmation of your address, PAN number, age, etc is required. Only these documents confirm that you are eligible to apply for a loan. If you look at the list given below, then you can collect these six documents for a smooth application process.

  1. Proof of Identity: Proof of identity requires a photo ID. This can be either of the documents listed, ie voter ID, access card, driver’s license, passport, etc.
  2. Address Proof: You can select one of the documents mentioned below to confirm your address. Aadhar card, passport, driver’s license, registration document, bank book, or voter card.
  3. PAN card is a must
  4. Financial Report: A bank book containing the transaction for the recent six months is required to inform you of your financial entitlement.
  5. Profit and Loss Statement: The tax return informs you about your profit and loss account
  6. Photo: The passport photo which was taken recently.
  7. Other loans or debts must be informed in advance. Also, documents like Power of Attorney, Memorandum of Association, etc must be provided if it is applicable to you.

Interest rates and fees

Regardless of you deciding to start an MSME or SME business, at FlexiLoans we charge all cost based on the details you provide with us. Determining these rates requires an appropriate business plan.

To plan your business, you must work with these inputs. Tell us these details and we can set fees.

  • Business productivity.
  • Cash flow
  • CIBIL score
  • Economic advantage.
  • Equity standards
  • Functional principle
  • Term of the loan
  • The assets of the company.

Calculation of the EMI: Based on this information, we calculate the amount of your monthly interest. Shorter the loan term, the lower the EMI. Your risky business will raise your EMI amount.

Type of commercial loan and rates

In addition to the above rates, we charge additional fees, but these depend on each credit transaction. However, this will not be a burden and simply understand these prices. This depends on the advance payment rates, the amount of the first payment, the foreclosure rates, the commitments, etc.

Promising points that FlexiLoans offers to avail a business loan in Guntur

There are several credit providers in the market, and how we stand unique. Here is the explanation of the same. If you are satisfied, you can contact us to request credit with a single click.

  1. Our loan amount is one crore as the maximum based on your business plan and returns. You can start any business in a variety of areas, such as Retail, services, trade, clothing, distribution, electronics, export, appliances, food, computers, manufacturing, computers, and sanitation, etc.
  2. You dream to start a business, then we can make your dream come true as we lend money to start a business in 100 cities.
  3. We can calculate the EMI for you. We have an EMI calculator ready to use to help you determine your monthly payment depending on your capital amount.
  4. The loan process is easy and you do not have to gather many documents. Send only the 6 essential documents. You can share them online and we go purely paperless.
  5. There is no additional anxiety when you ask for a loan. We do not demand collateral in any form. In addition, our entire process is visible and there are no hidden conditions.

Let’s briefly summarize our properties. Loan process without papers, fast, transparent and stress-free. Security is not required; we serve in a hundred Indian cities and grant a credit of up to 10 million.

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