Flexi Vendor Financing

Meet short-term business needs with collateral-free loans

Eligibility criteria for Vendor Financing

    • Business with at least 12 months history


    • Positive Networth


    • Supplier of Large Corporate


    • You have a valid invoice / work order / purchase order with value of atleast 1 Lakh Rupees
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You are a supplier or a vendor to a large corporate. You regularly raise invoices against your partners who typically take a long time to settle your outstanding dues. In the meantime, you are unable to expand your inventory or procure new products since you are awaiting payment from the partner. This can halt or slow down your business expansion. Avoid all these concerns with our Flexi Vendor Financing.


We provide you quick and hassle-free loan against your valid invoices or purchase orders issued by any corporate to support your cash flows basis the invoices for which payments are pending.

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Benefits of FlexiLoans Vendor Financing

Increased visibility through a dashboard

Simple Documentation

Quick and seamless processing

Interest only on the actual days till complete repayment

Refund in case of differential payment from partner

Fully online process

Features of Vendor Financing


  • Loan against invoice to large Corporates
  • Tenure: 30 – 120 days
  • Credit Limit up to 90% of invoice
  • One-time processing fee: Up to 2%
  • Repayment amount to be recovered from partner

Documents required for Vendor Financing


  • All Bank Statements of the last 6 months
  • KYC documents for yourself and your organization*
  • Financial documents*
  • Shop Establishment Certificate or Business License(Business proof)
  • Terms with the Partner (or Corporate you are selling to or buying from)
  • Valid Invoice/s against which you need financing
  • Ownership proof of Residence

How to apply for Vendor Financing with FlexiLoans

  • Fill

    Fill Online Form

    Fill the online Application Form in less than 15 minutes

  • Upload

    Upload Invoice

    Upload Invoice for approval

  • Receive


    Get approved by partner

Documents required for Vendor Financing

    • List of KYCs accepted




    • PAN Card (Mandatory) and


    • Any one of


    • Aadhaar


    • Passport


    • Voter’s ID


    • Driving License


  • Electricity Bill
    • Ownership Documents




    • Shops Establishment Certificate


    • VAT/Service Tax Registration Certificate


  • Certificate of Incorporation
    • For Credit Limit more than 10 Lakhs




  • 12 months of All Bank Statements
    • List of Financial documents to be submitted




    • ITR (Income Tax Return)


  • 2 years of audited P&L Statements