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Setting up your own business is something which everyone dreams of. But it is not as easy as it seems. When starting a business, having the correct source of capital is really important. 

In the olden times, borrowing from friends and family was an option. The other most secured option was to approach banks to get a loan but that requires collateral and the process is cumbersome.

Importance of working capital for online sellers

When starting a business online, less capital is the main problem of all. There are certain big brands which have their backing of financial assistance, but that is not the case with smaller companies. The prediction of online sales cannot be made especially in the festive season.


    • Helps in business expansion

    • It helps in the smooth running of a business

    • Financial liquidity is maintained

    • Meeting demand of products

    • Creation of new products in line

    • Creating goodwill of a company

      • Paying off short term expenses
      • Reduction of liabilities
    • Stocking up on inventory

Role of FlexiLoans in Flipkart Seller Business Loan

Big brands have an advantage in the market as they always have cash ready with them in times of need. But, this is not the case with other smaller companies and vendors. When there are large order volumes during the festive season, there might be a shortage of cash.

Buying machinery and equipment, maintaining goodwill and reputation are important things which have to be maintained and the availability of cash is needed in this case. Working capital loans are essential during these times.

When you are in need of working capital loans, you have to approach banks to get one. But, the process seems quite boring and lengthy. Banks at times, consider online traders as ineligible and they are not provided with loans. Because of this, many SME’s are closed down.

FlexiLoans has partnered with various online platforms to provide financial aid to vendors selling on them and Flipkart is one of our partners.

We provide business loans to Flipkart sellers to help them grow their presence online.

One has to meet the following criteria before applying for a business loan

    • The minimum age limit for applying is 21 years

    • The maximum age limit is 65 years

      • The maximum amount of business loan is Rs. 1 crore
    • You must have been a seller on Flipkart for at least 6 months


1. Documents Required                  
Personal KYC
– PAN Card

2. Residential Address Proof (Any One)
– Rent Agreement
– Driving License
– Voter ID
– Ration Card
– Passport

3. Last 6 months Current Account Bank Statement in Net Banking PDF format

4. Business KYC (Any One)

– GST Registration Certificate
– Shops and Establishment Certificate

Loan Terms

    • Loan tenure is up to 36 months

    • Interest rate starts from 1% flat per month

Best Features of Flipkart Seller Business Loan 

  • Availing of funds up to Rs. 1 crore

When you get to access Rs. 1 crore as your loan amount, then your online business will never be out of cash and you can expand it fully.

  • The procedure is quick and simple

You do not have to wait in queues and you just need to spare 10 minutes from your daily routine to fill in the form and provide all the documents. After uploading the documents, we will come into action to help you get the loan.

  • Granting loan within 48 hours

We have a team of highly skilled professionals who are experts in their work and they can help you get loans within 2 working days. This is the minimum time of getting the loan and you can also pay all your debts with the same in the meantime.

  • Loans can be applied anytime

Online sellers help to apply for loans in the comfort of your home. You need a computer system for the same to upload your documents. There are apps in your mobiles for the same which you can download and the process is really easy. There are features which help to ease the convenience.

  • No collateral money

You do not need to keep any security deposit for getting a loan from online sellers. You do not need to keep any assets for security. There is less paperwork as online sellers believe in less use of paper. In this way, you will not need to worry about loans and focus your entire energy in building up of business.

These are some of the benefits of taking Flipkart seller business loan from FlexiLoans.

To become a Flipkart Seller go to Flipkart Seller Login Portal.