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How Can You Measure The Financial Health of Your Business

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Feb 08, 2021

In business, investors are always seeking to measure their financial business health. Investors hope to tick off every box while evaluating financial statements while measuring a company’s health.

To understand the short and long-term goals of a company, it is essential to consider a standard financial metric. Some of them include – solvency, profit, liquidity, and efficiency. Profitability is the most important among the four.

Financial Analysis of a Company

To determine the financial business health of a company, it is essential to analyze certain factors –

  • Balance Sheet – A balance sheet or financial statement exposes a company’s position in terms of money. A check on the balance sheet keeps a constant check on the business’s assets, liabilities, and equity.

    A balance sheet provides the company information that can sustain the company’s life in the long run. Equations relating to debt, tangible and intangible assets, outstanding payments from suppliers, and capital are included in the balance sheet.
  • Income Statement ­ – Income statement provides information about the performance of a business. The income statement keeps a check on the revenue and expenses, as well as profit.

    Financial analysis of a company income statement shows the company the growth or reduction of revenue, the margin of profit, and profit after expenses and interest from debts.
  • Financial Ratio – A financial ratio is a powerful tool that helps you analyze numbers in any financial statement. It helps determine the financial health of a business more efficiently.

    One of the most important financial ratios one should analyze is Gross Profit Margin, Net Profit Margin, Current and Coverage ratio, Inventory and total asset turnover, return on equity, and return on assets.

To get the most of financial ratios, comparing against other competitors can get a company more insight. Financial statements and balances need to be timely checked. There is no single statement that can justify the financial business’s health.

Importance of Financial Health of a Company

What seems to be one of the most common checks of a business may also be why a company is doing well. Keeping a statement on the financial health of a company is vital for any business.

To understand the importance of the financial health of a company, here are some tips –

  • Keeping a balanced check on your company can help you determine if your company is growing or falling back. A company can make sure its expenses do not exceed its revenue to sustain their finance. Maintaining more money means more profit.
  • It is essential to let your expenses stay flat or below the profit margin. In the long run, you want your company to have more revenue than debts.
  • A company must keep a check on all balances for the positive long-term growth of the company. A low balance won’t carry the business for long.
  •  Understanding how debt ratios work may pave paths for your company and how to clear them efficiently. It is important to keep a 2:1 ratio or even lower if possible.
  • Profits are what keep your company alive. Making sure your profit has a healthy margin crucial for all companies. Understanding the costs and sales of a company can help increase profit.
  • One overlooked factor in understanding the financial health of a business is clients and customers. It is crucial to hire clients who can operate efficiently for an extended period. It is equally important to build trust and loyalty with your customers as well. 


Keeping a check on the financial health of a company is crucial for all businesses. Insights from financial statements must be dealt with professionally and in detail to benefit your business in the long run.

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