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How to Check Bank Balance Online Without Going to the Bank?

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Nov 10, 2021
How to Check Bank Balance Online Without Going to the Bank?

It is feasible to do a bank balance check in today’s digital age without physically visiting the bank. Banks have implemented a variety of methods, including SMS notifications, email notifications, online banking. We will demonstrate how to check bank balance without actually visiting a branch in this article.

There are numerous methods How To Check Bank Balance Online. It could be accomplished by email, push notification, SMS, online banking, or UPI, among other methods. The following are some of the most frequent methods for checking one’s balance effortlessly.

Things that are required to check the amount of an account

Before we get into the specifics, here are some of the items you’ll need to Online Balance check:-

  • The bank account that has been registered
  • The mobile phone number that is registered
  • Net banking accounts are available to customers who wish to monitor their balances on the bank’s website.

Eight simple methods for determining an account’s balance

Net Banking

This approach enables individuals to check their bank balance check online quickly. To begin, one must visit the bank’s official site and provide the needed information. One may utilise the bank’s mobile application. For the majority of applications, one must seek an option such as a login. If this is your first time using the app or website, you must sign up by choosing “The first-time User.”

Balance-checking text messages

SMS is another easy way to check the balance. Suppose you selected the option for SMS notifications while funding the bank account during the account creation process. In that case, you will receive automatic balance notifications, including the amount credited or debited for each transaction. You are not required to perform any more actions, such as inputting passwords or usernames. If you haven’t ticked the option, visit a bank office, request an SMS option, and fill out a form to get updates.

You may also check your account balance by sending a message to the bank’s number using a linked mobile number. The number varies according to the bank. This page includes a list of numbers and the SMS format. When this option is selected, you will receive immediate balancing changes.

Make use of an ATM

Additionally, ATMs may be used to determine the account balance. All you have to do is visit any ATM and follow the procedures below: –

  • Input your card number
  • Enter your PIN (a 4 digit code)
  • Check the box for balance inquiry.

The balance would then be shown. ATMs operate similarly. However, this is dependent on the ATM used by that particular bank. It is recommended that you use your bank’s ATM, as using another ATM may incur fees.

How To Check Bank Balance Without Registered Mobile Number: Make a Bank Call

For those with which you are not comfortable, the methods mentioned above can be used to ascertain the amount. However, unlike the previous alternatives, which allow you to check your balance at any time, this operation cannot be performed 24 hours a day if the bank’s system is not automated. Nowadays, it is almost entirely mechanised. You will be prompted to input specific information, such as your bank account number, and they will instantly notify you of your amount. The following is a list of phone numbers for various banks.

Configuring Alerts

If you don’t want to check your account balance regularly, you can simply ask your bank for a message delivered to you anytime your account balance falls below a certain level. Your bank will quickly notify you if you make a large withdrawal or have a low balance. When creating such alerts, you may adjust the amount and other parameters.

How To Check Account Balance via a Teller

If nothing else works, you can contact your bank and talk with a representative if your bank has a brick-and-mortar location with local branches. It differs from the fourth option because, unlike automated calls, you speak with a person when you speak with a teller.

Each bank has a unique phone number that you may call to speak with a teller. However, access to tellers is becoming increasingly restricted. Since the majority of banks have moved to electronic operations, they are less likely to recruit tellers. Additionally, they will charge you an additional fee for phoning a teller. However, tellers will provide the bank balance in return for certain information.

UPI and other financial applications

Currently, the most simple method of checking your balance would be through UPI and other financial apps. If you have several bank balances and do not wish to install multiple apps, you may install the UPI app.

To check your bank balance via UPI, follow the steps below.

For the very first time in history:-

  • Download and install any UPI application.
  • Verify that the mobile device running the UPI software has the registered mobile number sim installed, is active, and has sufficient balance to send an SMS.
  • When you open the app, it will prompt you to select the bank with which you have an account and the registered cell number if your phone device has dual sim capability.
  • The application will send a Text message to validate your phone number automatically.
  • Following getting confirmation, the UPI will prompt you to establish a UPI pin (which is distinct from an ATM card pin) and provide you with a UPI id.
  • Enter four digits as desired. Registration is now concluded.

Note: If you’ve already generated a UPI ID for a specific app, you should reuse that id for all other UPI applications. Additionally, some applications need you to enter an email address.

To determine the balance:- Simply launch the UPI app and select the ‘check account balance’ option. Enter your UPI pin, and the balance will be instantly shown. There is no fee associated with checking the balance using UPI.

Missed call

Banks provide balance notifications when a customer dials a missed call from their registered mobile phone numbers. However, the following are necessary to obtain miss call balance updates.

A registered mobile number is the only need for this process. The bank will only give you balance updates if you have registered your phone number with them. The number must be operational to make missed calls and receive SMS. This function should be activated with your financial institution.


The era of physical and mortar banking has passed us by. Digitisation has arrived, as seen by this. Not only is the ability to monitor your bank balance without physically visiting a branch handy and time-saving, but it is also a benefit in light of the present epidemic. We hope this post clarified how to perform an online bank balance check.


  • What is the difference between the account balance and the available balance?

The bank balance refers to the entire sum of money in an account. It covers all transactional details, such as those made with a debit card but not yet processed. On the other side, the account balance is the entire amount in the account that may be used for purchases and withdrawals.

  • How To Check My Bank Account Balance Online via online apps?

Every bank will have its banking app; none are superior to the others since you should use the app that is specifically designed for your bank account. Additionally, you can utilise the UPI App.

  • How can I obtain access to my financial statements online?

You may see your financial records and account balances online using your bank’s net banking service. To access your net banking account, simply log in while using your login and password.

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