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Aug 16, 2019

The key to becoming a winning tycoon is depended upon the numerous ideas that crop in an individual’s mind. But, ideas alone cannot make you an industrialist and simultaneously with these concepts, you will require an essential element with which you can convert your dream in action. “Fund for Business” is that missing link. Solely ideas cannot help you to achieve your desired goal; it requires sufficient financial backing as well and your plans regularly require funds.

The owner of each small firm is cognizant of the truth that seed-money to earn and hence grow money. If an entrepreneur does not have sufficient capital to fund his/her business, borrowing money can be a good option. Almost every single business person gets baffled about the selection of proper loans to start and run any business. In this blog, we have made our honest efforts to explain some measures to find appropriate business loans, especially for budding business owners.


Firstly; you must determine explicitly the actual need for a business loan. How loans might help you expand your business? How will you utilize the money?

The answers to these questions will give you the clarity to determine the type of business loan you require. If you want to enhance the cash flow and thus wishing to purchase a building, materials, or paying rent, etc. Either way, you have to decide on the credit line. You will undeniably require a business loan.


If you are considering a loan for your business, then you should have to be precise regarding the total amount of the loan needed. Also, you need to have a clear view of the funding amount needed. It is crucial to be acquiescent and authentic while specifying the required business loan amount in your application. The lender will analyze the past records as well as the impending growth of your business.

The total amount of loans plays a vital role in finalizing the appropriate lender. If the amount allocated to you is less than you need; then your requirement might not be approved. Thus, before applying for microloans, check the amount provided by the lender.


Compared to the loan options, exceedingly people focus only on interest rates, not on the total amount of borrowing. The interest rates are arguably one of the decisive factors in determining the borrowing cost. However, it alone is not the deciding factor.  The borrower should check with the lender about the Annual Interest Rate (APR). This rate consists of documentation fees and organization fees etc. Simultaneously one should understand the penalty clause as well. While selecting business loans; people should compare the cost from different perspectives to have a better picture. 


Business loans commonly appear in a couple of disbursal modes only. Among them, we consider the primary one as an installment loan, whereas the other one is the LOC (line of credit). In the former method, the whole amount is disbursed by the lender as a whole and one time. The entire amount is credited to the requester bank account. However, in the latter method, the borrower can extract any sum that is within the utmost credit limit.

Thus, the disbursal mode depends upon the need for money. If a person requires a huge investment, then go with the installment loan. In the event, if the money requirement is small and is required infrequent intervals, then you must choose to go with the LOC method. Thus before finalizing the business loan understand the disbursal mode.


Most lenders always check with you about your plan and how you would be utilizing the fund. The borrower should come up with a satisfactory answer. It is most likely that the lender will decide to approve your loan based on your fund utility. If the lender is satisfied with the use of the loan then only the lender will approve your loan request. This will instill confidence in them about you repaying the loan on-time. Thus, while selecting lenders you need to ensure that the lender is happy with your business proposal. If not then you might land in trouble in case you run in loss or cannot repay loan on-time and hence look for another option.


The business loan comes under the secured loan. The borrower should use their asset as collateral for the loan. To avail, the loan borrower has to collateralize asset that includes equipment, property, etc. Few of the lenders also accept future revenue from the business. It’s an asset you want to use as a security against a loan; the lender must acknowledge it. If the lender is not interested in your assets then you should look for a new lender.

However, there are loan providers without asking for collateral. So you can skip this step if you approach us for a business loan. 


Total revenue should be considered before applying for a business loan. Revenue earned by the business is used as a parameter to analyze the credit and worthiness of the business. If the revenue of the business is lower, when compared to the not up to the desired level then the lender will consider you as a customer posing to be a threat or a high-risk business person. Therefore, it would lead to them demanding an excessive interest rate for your business loan. In the above scenario finding a loan at a competitive rate is difficult. Thus if the business is subject to pass through any such circumstances, then you must keep the lender informed prior and decide on the interest rates.


If an entrepreneur needs a loan at the preliminary stage, then he/she should be conscious in selecting the loan for business. Any wrong decision will lead to the adverse condition of not being able to repay a loan, etc. This will finally impose a negative effect on your business. It is advisable to choose the right start-up business loan from flexible NBFC like us and achieve.

After prioritizing the needs, finalize the loan amount and the lender. Then it’s time to submit the loan application form along with the relevant documents that include KYC, bank statement, tax information, etc. 

These days the process is simple and online so complete them within hours and get your loan approved. Now you can utilize this fund into your business to expand it.

We would only suggest you, to talk to us and we will help you with the right business loan with optimum rates and charges. Enjoy our best features and grow your business.