Why Ganesh Chaturthi is the best time to avail a business loan

why ganesh chaturthi is the best time to avail business loan

It’s finally the second half of the year and a beginning to long Indian festival season. To mark this long celebration and fervor around the country the lord of beginnings, Lord Ganesha has already hit the doors with the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. With this festival marking the commencement of significant celebrations around the country brings in an a-kind-of bonanza for business owners. It ushers in the better days for retail businesses. These days considered to be a golden period for a hike in sales serve to be the happiest days for most of the business owners. Considering, the market conditions and heightened excitement among consumers Ganesh Chaturthi is believed to offer a good start for triggering business growth during Diwali season. Availing business loans on Ganesh Chaturthi helps you get prepared for great festive season demands and discounts. 

Why opt for a loan on Ganesh Chaturthi Festival?

Here are some of the reasons…..

  • Ganesh Chaturthi serves to be the most favorable time for availing business loans. The loans offered during the festive season are economical and are sanctioned at a discounted rate of interest. Also, these loans are collateral-free and involve minimum documentation. 
  • Quick and seamless financing is another great advantage of opting for business loans on the Ganesh festival. The festive season loans are designed to offer quick funding to SMEs for meeting their immediate working capital requirements during festivities. Thus, the timely disbursement of capital helps the organization get prepared in advance. It helps them stock up inventory and adds a product line to effectively cater the hike in consumer demands.   

How business loan on Ganesh Chaturthi can help you during Diwali season?

The beginning of festivals brings an unprecedented rise in consumer demands. During the long festival period, consumers are already prepared to spend. Indeed, it is the time when consumers go on a spending spree; they spend much more than usual. Thus, to cash in on this opportunity small business owners can avail business loans on the Ganesh Chaturthi. This occasion marking the commencement of the long festival season serves to be the most favorable time for availing business financing.

 To further know how taking a loan on Ganesh festival can benefit your business, explore the reasons below:

Gives an auspicious start:

Lord Ganesha has been always been associated to bring success to new beginnings. The festival of Ganesha is considered to be an auspicious occasion for starting something new. This traditional belief brings in all new hope and persuades consumers to start investing in new things. Thereby, getting funded on Ganesh Chaturthi can help you start investing early. By capitalizing on required business segments ahead of Diwali can help business owners’ yield most through these opportune occasions.  

Makes business ready for a festive spree:

The second half of the year rolls in consecutive major Indian festivals.  Ranging from Ganesh Chaturthi to Diwali most of the major festivals fall during this period. The beginning of festivals also brings in the rise in market sales due to festivals being associated with new purchases. With festivities in the air, consumers are already prepared to spend. They start looking for sales and promotions ahead of season so adding up new product lines, purchasing inventory and equipment prior can help you effectively meet a significant surge in consumer demands during the major festival season of Diwali. And this is where taking a business loan on Ganesh Chaturthi can help you. It can help you attract and pass on cost benefits to your consumers by availing funding at lower interest.   

Scales up business: 

If your business is seasonal and makes most of its sales during the festive season then the propitious occasion of Ganesha Chaturthi is the right time to avail a business loan. It helps retailers tap into the high demands during the most famed festival, Diwali. Arranging funding ahead of occasion helps business owners plan and purchase their inventory prior to the festival. Additionally, it helps them understand the current choices of consumers to gear up for high demands and any uncertainties.

Helps capture consumer attention 

Getting in front of consumers from the moment they start searching for products helps your business occupy a competitive position in the market. It aids in reaching and engaging a new audience for the brand. Moreover, the timely updating of the product line reveals new opportunities for businesses to capture valuable customer attention. It helps you analyze and synchronize services as per the choices of consumers. Thus, by availing funding on Ganesh Chaturthi can amplify your business’s visibility and can also help you make most of the festive spirit.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get your business prepared for the festive season. Underpin opportunities to fuel up your business. Definitely, with Ganesha‘s blessings, your business will find new headways for growth. 

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