Business Loan in Vijayawada

Business Loan in Vijayawada

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Business Loan in Vijayawada

Vijayawada, popularly known as the “Global City of the Future.” It is expected that the GDP will increase USD 17 billion by 2025. It is the third densely populated city in the world and AP’s second largest city. It is precisely called the commercial headquarters of AP. It is the most rapidly developing urban markets in India.

City economy is contributed by construction business, educational institutions, the entertainment industry, food processing, travels, hospitality etc. Should you want to start a business? Then Vijayawada is the best location for its population, as well as the availability of different industries.

Why Business Loan in Vijayawada?

Business loan in Vijayawada is the best option for all entrepreneurs for the following reasons.

  • Export and Trade – There is a great scope for exporting and trading both industrial goods and agricultural goods in Vijayawada. Nunna Mango Market is one of the largest mango markets in Asia. So you can choose to export mango to other cities across India.

  • Real Estate – Growth of economy and population paves the way to perform well in real estate business. You can mint money in the business just by mastering some tactics.

  • Petroleum Products – BPCL, IOC, and HPCL in Vijayawada allows you to start a storage business, bottling or transportation business.

  • Happy Sunday – Every month on the 1st week Sunday at M G Road you can see an event organized. It is called a happy Sunday. Several games, events, and activities take place and many people gather here. You can think of selling clothes, toys, and other consumer durable goods without paying any rent for shops or infrastructure.

You can now plan for any business as there is a great chance to make revenue with a small investment. The densely populated city will have demand for all goods and now you need to make a wise choice. Wait not and apply for a loan and start your business.  

Who can apply for a business loan in Vijayawada?

People who are having a vision or anxious to become an entrepreneur but do not any money to invest must stop worrying today and contact us for getting a business loan in Vijayawada. In addition, after graduating from college, a community of students wants to help the society by starting some business and we welcome them too to get a loan at the best rate from us. You can request a loan to start a new business, export business, wholesale or retail. In short, anyone who has a business idea but does not have money to invest can talk to us. However, according to the Constitution of India, some legal requirements for getting the loan is a mandate and you need to abide by them.

  • Age limit:  Above 21 years and below 65 years
  • Tax documents: Get your tax papers intact and you can easily get your loan approved. Have a valid PAN number.
  • Your business plan must at least yield 2 Lakhs in a year. Prepare a plan document detailing your vision.

Documents required for a business loan in Vijayawada

You may be aware that you are eligible to avail loan, but the following documents are required by the government. These documents will help the financial institution verify your authenticity and process loan quickly.

  • Candidates’ credentials must contain one of the documents obtain from the AP government namely the voter identification, passport, driver’s license or Aadhar card as proof of identity.
  • In addition to the document selected for identity verification, the applicant must verify the correct address. You can present a voter’s credential, passport, driver’s license, Aadhar card, bank book, property registration document, etc.
  • The PAN card of the applicant or the company PAN card must be submitted.
  • To prove the applicant’s financial situation, a savings account passbook or a bank account statement must be submitted with the transaction details for minimum 6 months.
  • Income statement: profit and loss account for the last 2 years.
  • Current photo of the applicant.
  • All other loans taken must be informed in advance with details
  • The credit bureau may require an explanation of the cash flow and other documents like power of attorney etc.

Rates and interest rates for a business loan in Vijayawada

In accordance with the policy of the Government of AP, the criteria given below must be considered to calculate the interest rate of MSME and SME enterprises. You can call us and get the rates directly.

  • Productivity and profitable benefits.
  • Operating costs
  • Loan duration
  • Equity quotas
  • Currency flow
  • Credit Information Bureau India Limited (CIBIL)
  • Corporate assets

EMI: However, the amount of the monthly repayment of a loan is based on the loan amount and the loan term. The amount and duration are inversely proportional, while the EMI and loan amount is directly proportional.

Commercial loans and related expenses

When processing the loan, we discuss different rates with our clients. These include:

  • Commissions and Commitment.
  • First installment payment
  • Foreclosure charges

All this differs in each case and hence we will discuss individually with the person who applied online with their records.

Why FlexiLoans for a business loan in Vijayawada

Loan seekers, new or experienced will have confused thoughts. They wonder which provider is the best, what the terms/conditions are and what the payment schedule is etc. We address all your worries and provide loans at the best interest rates. Below are some of our loan characteristics.

  • First of all, you want to know the maximum loan amount. It is for one crore.
  • Then you want to get a clear picture about the warranty information. We do not require any security and certainly no hidden clause.
  • Next is about the interest rates and EMI calculations. We do the calculation for you and it is transparent. You can also verify using our EMI calculator.
  • You can apply for a loan from anyplace and all you need is an internet connection. Yes, your e-documents. Scan and upload your documents and click submit to know the loan approval status within 48 working hours. We assure hassle-free application process.
  • 100 cities in India is getting benefitted with our loan and Vijayawada is one place among them.

Have an e-copy of basic documents and you can avail the loan. No other clause or formalities. We also provide you with business ideas.

Come and Apply for Business Loan in Vijayawada

Come to our site and you are already here, now click apply for a business loan and keep going to make your dream vision come true.