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Understanding CRIF High Mark Score – Full Form, History, Score Range, and Credit Information

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Feb 01, 2023
CRIF High Mark Score

A credit score is a familiar term in the banking and finance industry. The three-digit score defines the creditworthiness of an individual or a business. Companies categorised as credit information bureaus source the data to derive a credit score. One such credit information bureau is CIBIL, often heard when discussing loan applications.

CIBIL is one of the four credit bureaus licenced by the Reserve Bank of India. Likewise, CRIF High Mark is another credit information company in India. Financial and lending institutions use credit scores to filter loan applications. 

In this article, we provide details about CRIF High Mark. Read more about the history, full form, score range, and credit report of the CRIF High Mark Credit Bureau.

About CRIF High Mark

CRIF High Mark partners with banks and financial institutions for credit information services. CRIF, based in Europe, is an international credit solutions company with operations in 40 countries. It is India’s first full-service credit information bureau. 

Banks and lenders receive numerous loan applications daily, and to approve a loan, lenders must verify the applicant’s credit history. To verify all application factors, filtering the applications is a lengthy process. Credit bureaus source credit details of every individual and business to generate credit reports. The credit score on this report provides a summary of an individual’s creditworthiness. Lenders use the credit score to either approve or reject a loan application. From personal loans to business loans, the credit score decides the fate of a loan.

CRIF High Mark is one of the major credit bureaus in India that provides credit information to banking and financial companies. The CRIF score ranges between 300 and 900. A score above 700 is excellent. Loan applications with scores more than 700 get easy approval of applications. 

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History of CRIF High Mark India

In 2007 High Mark started as a startup credit bureau. It received the licence to operate in 2010 and commenced operations in March 2011. High Mark pioneered the first microfinance bureau database in India. It has today grown to be the largest such database in the world. 

CRIF acquired High Mark in 2014 and became CRIF High Mark. The Credit bureau provides credit information services to banks, NBFCs, utility companies, and qualified institutions in India. Some India-based investor-partners in CRIF High Mark are the State Bank of India (SBI), Punjab National Bank (PNB), Shriram City Union Finance, Edelweiss, SIDBI, and such. 

Full-form and score range of CRIF High Mark score

The CRIF full form is Centre for Research in International Finance. The High Mark three-digit number (credit score) ranges between 300 and 900. Using past credit options availed by an individual or business generates the credit score. The CRIF High Mark credit score is similar to scores offered by other agencies like CIBIL, Equifax, and Experian. 

Each credit rating agency has proprietary algorithms to generate a credit score. Each credit bureau has a profile on every borrower from the organised lending sector. The scores generated by these agencies are usually different yet close to each other. The variance is because the algorithms give different weightage to different factors. Lenders categorise the CRIF High Mark score as follows.

  • 300 – 579 – Bad.
  • 580 – 649 – Fair.
  • 650 – 799 – Good.
  • 800 – 900 – Exceptional.

Lenders categorise loan applications based on their High Mark CRIF scores. 

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How to apply for the CRIF High Mark credit report?

Individuals and businesses can get their CRIF scores and credit report from CRIF High Mark, India. Here are the steps to get a credit report. 

  • Visit the official website of CRIF High Mark www.crifhighmark.com.
  • In the main menu, find ‘Credit Score’ and hover the cursor to display options for Personal and Business credit reports. 
  • Select the correct category for your credit report.
  • Review the pricing plans, and a dedicated portal, cir.crifhighmark.com will open.
  • Fill out the necessary details in the online form and make the payment. 
  • The credit report will be available for download soon after payment at the email id provided.
  • Review the credit information for reference and flag any discrepancies. 

How to raise a dispute with CRIF High Mark?

There are two ways to raise a dispute in a credit report with CRIF High Mark. Only online modes are available to raise disputes. Any grievances received through the post are not entertained.

  1. Raise a query on the official dispute portal on the official portal. The system generates a dispute status-tracking reference number.
  2. A dispute can also be raised by emailing crifcare@crifhighmark.com. The necessary information to include is available on this webpage

It might take up to 30 days to verify and resolve the dispute.

Why is a good CRIF score important for business loans?

When a person applies for any loan, the lender’s first step is checking their credit score. This score decides the status of the loan. Even for loans for business purposes, the lender reviews the credit score irrespective of business performance. So, it is important to maintain good credit health for businesses. 

FlexiLoans provides business loans to individuals and businesses. We provide quick and easy access to business loans without collateral and flexible timelines. FlexiLoans employs proprietary algorithms to process loan applications with different factors considered with the credit score. We offer business credit facilities like term loans, business loans, and invoice financing. Businesses looking for credit have high chances of approval with FlexiLoans. 


Q 1. How to improve your CRIF Score?

Simple financial management skills can help improve your credit score. Timely repayment, better credit usage, fewer credit enquiries, regular credit check, and closing old accounts are the best ways to improve the CRIF High Mark credit score. 

Q 2. What are the charges to get CRIF credit report?

One free credit report is provided annually as per government regulations. The charges for the CRIF credit report are Rs. 399/- + GST for personal and Rs. 2700/- for the business reports. 

Q 3. Is CRIF and CIBIL score same?

CRIF Highmark and CIBIL are two credit rating agencies authorised by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). CRIF and CIBIL scores are not the same. However, the scores by both agencies will be close, owing to the different weightage given by the agencies for financial parameters.

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