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Vasai is a town in the state Maharashtra and has gained the name for its historical value. It is also called Vasai – Virar. Currently, this town is growing as an industrial town with many upcoming industries in small and medium scale. It is in the close vicinity to Mumbai and hence gained importance and has many small units producing different goods. Due to the rising population since 1980 this city is witnessing improvement in both the economy and infrastructure.

Even with a tourist attraction, Vasai has prominent place Bassein Fort that attracts many tourists. Also, this place is well known for cinema shooting.

Interesting startup business in Vasai

Mobile and Electronics Goods

The raising population will certainly require gadgets to live with. These days electronic gadgets have become a must for all age group people. Also, smartphones have become a basic need for people. Start a showroom to sell these goods and you can make a good profit. The city is a growing city and hence you can be the first few to start a new showroom. Offer competitive price and that will help people to reach Mumbai for purchasing things.


Like electronic goods, even appliances are required for making living possible in Vasai. You can choose to start an online business, mobile business for low investment. You can store the appliances and send them via courier for online orders. Create a website and promote your online store. Alternatively, you can have a vehicle for mobile appliances sale and provide door delivery.

Computers and training

There is a reasonable number of schools and colleges in this city. Few engineering, polytechnic, paramedical and MBA colleges are present in this city. You can think of selling computers or start a computer training institute. This will help students to stay updated with the others in Mumbai. Latest languages can be taught in the training institute and you have a good response from the student’s community. In parallel, you can also sell computers and laptops for these students which will raise your business income.

Also, start manufacturing units like Kundan Industries which is functioning from 1978 and run as a family business. You can plan any business based on your skills and resource availability. Either way, we will provide you with a business loan at the best rates.

Qualification for obtaining a commercial loan in Vasai

Any budding entrepreneur who has no capital can contact us to obtain a commercial loan. Approach us with an idea and we can provide you with a way to implement them. Make sure about your basic costs, your profitability and we shall support you with the funds. We provide the loan at an affordable rate as well as explain all details of the repayment. Without worrying about any loan burden, you focus on your business to earn an income. However, according to the mandate granted by the constitution of India, you must have some basic qualification to avail loan from us. These requirements are listed below.

  1. Your minimum age must be 21 to submit a loan application. You must also be under 65 years before the end of your loan term. This ensures the repayment of the loan promptly.
  2. You must comply with the legal terms and must pay tax regularly holding a valid permanent account number (PAN).
  3. Work out a business plan based on where you want to initiate the business. For example, some ideas might encourage you to begin a trade in Vasai. In the same way, you should come up with a good business plan that will bring you consistent profits.

Documentation work for a business loan in Vasai

As soon as hear about documentation work, we realize that you feel tense. But do not worry; we do not trouble you with heavy documentation work. It is also not necessary to submit physical documents. Just provide electronic documents and that’s it. The following mandatory document that confirms your age, financial status, and citizenship must be presented online while filling the form. Find the details given below.

  1. Present an Adhar card, an electoral card, a passport, a driver’s license, a smart card, a bank account detail, etc. which contains your photograph. This will verify your ID proof.
  2. Present one document from the list mentioned for ID proof that contains your address can be submitted for address proof. In addition, you can submit the LPG bill, EB consumption bill, phone bill, etc. to confirm the address.
  3. Also, choose one document from above as proof of your age which has the DOB. Note: Select a document for each category individually. For instance, you cannot upload the passport as proof of identity and address. Select one in every category.
  4. The PAN card is essential.
  5. Submit the bank statement to inform us of your transactions in the recent 6 months.
  6. Send us income tax papers which you filed in the recent 2 years.
  7. Send your recent passport photo.
  8. You must report any other loans you have incurred in the past and that you must repay.

Interest rate and fees

The calculation of interest varies for SMEs and MSMEs. It is based on the following criteria and, also depends on your opinion, we will share our rates and fees details with you.

  • Cash flow
  • CIBIL score
  • Corporate assets
  • Labor costs
  • Profitability and productivity.
  • Ratio of capital
  • Term of the loan

Depending on the above situation and details, EMI calculation will be done. Simply know that the EMI is an amount you pay every month, which is high for the project at risk and for the high loan amount. For a long-term loan, it’s low.

Type of commercial loan and rate

Apart from the rates mentioned above, additional fees must be paid depending on the type of business. Do not worry about these charges and they are not very huge but very nominal. Also, we do not charge any extra cost. We will discuss the amount individually. It depends mainly on the nature of your business, then your commitment, the amount of the seizure and the payment of the first payment.

Why FlexiLoans for applying for a commercial loan in Vasai?

Many lenders are available in the marketplace and you are always concerned about selecting the best ones. Here are our best features to aid you in making a decision. The judge based on the below mentioned criteria.

  1. How long are you waiting? – Do not worry about the sum, because we provide up to a crore. Irrespective of your plan approach us for your loan amount.
  2. Are you worn out doing only paperwork? – There is no paperwork and quickly present documents online. Feel stress-free.
  3. Anxious about the warranty? – Completely nothing demanded like guarantee or security. There are no concealed clauses.
  4. Do you feel hard to know the EMI calculation? – We give you an obvious calculation letting you plan and implement the business managing all your expenses.
  5. In which city would you like to start your business? – Start in any part all over India as it is possible for us to serve in 100 Indian cities.
  6. How soon should your loan application be approved? – Within 2 days we will complete the process. All you need to do is to fill out the form today and wait until the next 2 business days.

Last step

Click on the link below, fill out the form, share the necessary documents and click ok. You can become a businessman in no time.