How Ecommerce Sellers Can Gear Up For India’s Biggest Festive Season Sale

how ecommerce sellers can gear up for festive season sale

The great Indian festive season is just around the corner. With major festivities in the air, e-commerce giants are gearing up for a new high. Like several previous years, the online marketplaces are investing in their all efforts to compete and earn relentless profits. And so are the happy days back again for online retailers!!


The commencement of big shopping days brings in a good time for the sellers of major e-commerce giants. The Indian e-commerce market where the tradition of shopping and festivals is deep-rooted makes most of its annual sales during the festive season. About 50 percent of the annual profits are earned during the festivities alone. Moreover, the projected 10-15 percent yearly hike in annual sales brings a plethora of opportunities for Indian e-tailers to grow and sustain their business.


But to cater to this immediate rise in sales in awe of attractive deals and offers e-commerce sellers need to get all prepared ahead of seasonal sales. Thus, to make most and hit maximum purchase scores during biggest season sales this article helps online sellers gain an insight into some preparation tactics.  

Strategies helping e-commerce sellers gear up for a festive face-off:


  • Plan Inventory:

Planning is essential to handle the large magnitude of demands during festive seasons. It helps you get prepared ahead of time for a festive shopping spree. Also, analyzing previous sales performances and trends helps keep track of inventory. It provides an insight into the must-have products to be stocked up in advance.

Furthermore, the support through analytics and market metrics can aid in keeping things organized so that during the frantic sale period you don’t end up getting out of stock. Apart from this, prior planning can ensure better management of logistics, warehousing, and supply chain.   


  • Stock Inventory

Managing the right stock at the right time is key to success for online retailers. Festive seasons tend to have sales in large volumes, therefore, the sellers should stay prepared in advance for handling such an immediate surge in demand.  Ready inventory with the proper stock of bestselling products can enable you to fulfill and ship products as fast as possible. Thus, this enhancement in services can accord your customers with a seamless shopping experience. 

However, if you are worried about stocking up a high volume of products then you can also opt to outsource warehouse and shipping services. The e-commerce majors like Amazon and Flipkart provides its merchants the facility of fulfillment centers to help them store, process and handle the return of orders on their behalf.  


  • Opt for Festive-themed products and packaging: 

The big bang festive season sales are the greatest opportunity for online retailers to convert one time customers into regular ones. To lure and arouse greater interest among them the sellers should consistently keep on incorporating innovative strategies. Theme based products or special packages along with personalized wishing notes can be offered to buyers. This will enable you to lure and create a healthy relationship with customers. 


  • Plan Capital 

To cater to the spike in demand and stock products in advance an immediate working capital is needed to be shored up. Procuring immediate help through financing is essential for retailers to sustain their business during the peak season of online festival sales. 

Apart from banks, major e-commerce marketplaces have tied up with NBFCs to provide easy funding facilities to e-retailers. The major e-commerce rivals Flipkart and Amazon have extended their partnerships with lending institutions to provide the retailers on their platform with easy and convenient eCommerce seller business loans. So, when it comes to arranging finances sellers of these platforms need not worry about it.

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  • Plan Advertising and Visibility

E-commerce companies are coming up with efficient strategies to help sellers gain access to a larger customer base. To garner the attention of customers among huge repository of products online sellers can leverage the benefits of self-service portals.  

In addition to providing visibility to your brand e-commerce companies also provide different advertising tools and products to help sellers build their brand identity. Flipkart’s Product Listing Ads, Snapdeal’s banner ads and Amazon’s Sponsored Products are the advertising services that assist sellers to drive incremental growth and build brand loyalty. 


  • Utilize marketplace Services

The major e-commerce giants provide their sellers with several favorable opportunities to expand and enhance their business online. To get all the sellers prepped and ready for the biggest festive sale the e-commerce players leverage their technology and business insights. Various initiatives such as reducing storage charges, ensuring faster deliveries, providing selection insights and warehousing facilities help sellers achieve operational efficiency. Moreover, the tag of these services on your products can alone help you achieve great credibility. Therefore, to get your business ready for the biggest festive sale get a hold on all essential services of e-commerce market players.


Hence, to make your business prepared and achieve all the aforementioned targets you will require a healthy influx of funding. And to make this possible e-commerce seller finance is the quick fix. To meet your online financial requirements FlexiloansIndia’s leading lending platform has extended its partnership with online marketplaces. As a resultant of this partnership, the e-retailers can now directly apply for quick financing through Flipkart business loans and Amazon business loans. This integration will allow sellers to apply for Flexiloans’ hassle-free business loans directly from the seller dashboard of dedicated marketplaces. Thus, to gain most and elevate your business to the next level of success during the biggest festive spree apply for e-commerce seller business loans.


So, gear up and get ready to set records this festive season. Good luck!!

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